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Ten on Tuesday

  1.  Screw the US media.  From now on I’m getting all my news from BBC.
  2. I haven’t knit in a week and I’m getting cranky.
  3. The current state of our politics doesn’t make me embarrassed to be an American, it makes me embarrassed that we have the political system we do that allows this to happen.
  4. The President-Elect is acting like a nasty little boy who runs into his mother’s dinner party and takes great joy in overturning everybody’s drinks and smashing all the dishes knowing that nobody will reprimand him.
  5. Thanksgiving was absolutely wonderful and I’m taking my time decorating for Christmas.
  6. Turkey croquettes made with leftover stuffing is an amazing thing.
  7. This was the first time we’ve ever had leftover stuffing.
  8. The turkey soup was damn good, too.
  9. Why does putting on a pair of black tights make me feel like I weight 20 pounds less?
  10. If I didn’t have tea, I think I would be a much more unstable person.  And that is saying a lot right there.





This was my living room at 7:30 this morning.  Kind of how I feel.


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10 Random Things on Tuesday

  1.  One day after discussing with my neighbor that I don’t get seasonal allergies, that I’m susceptible to allergy attacks all year, I get a whopper of one.  I woke up sneezing at 5:45 a.m.  Who does that?  How does that even happen?  How do you go from being sound asleep in a delicious cycle and then suddenly “achoo!”-ing loud enough to scare the birds?  And what’s with the sneezing straight for 10 minutes?  I thought I was going to have a heart attack mid-sneeze.  Can that even happen?
  2. I’m so glad the New York primaries are today.  That means tomorrow there won’t be the stupid commercials.
  3. I’ve never met anyone that didn’t like chicken.
  4. One of the reasons why I like my home so much is that I feel utterly at home.  That may seem like an obvious statement, but there have been places in my life that made me positively ITCH to get going somewhere else and feel settled.  This has now become that place, and I’m okay with spending time just enjoying my surroundings.  Of course, I do that by not looking too closely at the dog hair that wants sweeping up or the gentle layer of dust on the mantle.
  5. There’s an interesting state of affairs in the name of supporting local businesses.  There are neighborhood groups on Facebook (and some spelling program just capitalized that for me; why, I don’t know, since the actual masthead is lowercase.) and lots of requests for recommended plumbers, electricians, landscapers, nannies, places to eat, caterers, car sales, etc.  Helpful folks chime in with their favorites, and everyone gets a fuzzy glow from being good neighbors.  So tell me why NONE of them call you back?  “Hello, Neighborhood Business Owner?  Yes, I’d like to give you money.  Can you call me and tell me when you can perform your tasks so I may give you said money?  Thanks.  Here’s every number in the universe you’ll need to reach me.”  Radio silence for two weeks.  “Hello, Neighborhood Business Owner?  Yes, I called two weeks ago trying to give you some of my money.  In the meantime, my pet llama has disappeared down the pit that is my backyard waiting for someone to fill in the hole, preferably after extracting said llama.  Could you call me, please?  My numbers again are…”  Another week goes by.  Hopping onto Facebook I see the group praising the Neighborhood Business Owners again, and one small voice (not mine, yet) saying “they won’t return my calls.”  Angry friends and neighbors of said Neighborhood Business Owners rush to their defense, claiming they are “great people, coaching local softball, dynamite work, wouldn’t go anywhere else, why are you publicly disparaging him and attempting to ruin his business?”  It’s a conundrum.
  6. I just sneezed six times between paragraph five and six.  It’s a SIGN.
  7. I’m knitting a shawl that I want to use on vacation.  It’s Dream In Color Starry which means it has little silvery bits of shiny in it and I am completely amused, except the name of the color is “starless sky” which would indicate to me that it shouldn’t have the starry bits in it, am I right?  Or is it another conundrum and I have unwittingly stumbled across an actual theme in my life?
  8. I’ll soon be going to a convention with my Hubby which involves us going to a hotel.  We will be invited to a breakfast buffet at 8:30; he departs for a 9:15 meeting, and I go upstairs to change for an 11:00 brunch; after that, I change into casual clothes for afternoon shopping or walking about, leaving enough time to change clothes again for a formal banquet in the evening; after the formal part, folks change into casual clothes to roam the corridors and visit everyone else’s room for a drink as if we were back in college crashing dorm parties.  It is the silliest thing ever, but I like the people I get to see so I put up with it.  Plus two days with no home responsibilities so I won’t hear the dust calling my name.
  9. I saw my former students in a play at the local high school and while I had some anxiety ahead of time, it turned out to be a wonderfully therapeutic night.  All my kids were so happy to see me and I got many many hugs and enthusiastic “you were the best teacher ever!” and I may have cried.  Okay, I definitely cried.  My heart felt like the Grinch’s when it burst out of its cartoon x-ray frame.
  10. Sometimes when I want to blog I think about what would interest people, and then I chuckle to myself because what is interesting about a suburban middle-aged former music teacher who likes to knit?  Then I think about blogging my artwork and I chuckle again, mostly because I call it “art” when it’s really more like illustration, and people come to blogs for the reading.  I think my sarcasm bone must be getting brittle, because I haven’t been sarcastic in a while and you really can’t force sarcasm. I don’t talk about food that much because I don’t cook or bake that much lately (and really, you can get that content just about anywhere else) and I don’t eat out enough to be a picture-snapping foodie (again, find that just about anywhere on instagram).  Then I realize that this blog is for me and the outpourings of my mind, and just like my house, I feel at home here.  When I don’t write for a while, it’s just like a room in my house that I look forward to sitting in for a while and it’s where I feel comfortable just being me.  If you’re a reader of this blog, thanks for coming by.  I’d offer you some cookies but I’m afraid I’m pretty selfish about sharing them because cookies.  I will offer you tea, though, and if the conversation really gets going, the sarcasm may follow.  Or not.

I leave you with this thought-provoking idea from my spirit animal, the Dowager:



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Ooo, Look! Pictures! Words, Not So Much.

So this has been my visual overload for the month.  I often find early Spring a difficult time and I never know why, unless it really is sensory overload.

I enjoyed Easter although it is really crazy having it the week after St. Patrick’s Day; and let’s not even with the weather.


In other news, I’m drawing again.


So if you came here for some good sarcasm or a bracing cuppa, then I owe you a mea culpa. (Or would that be “mea cuppa?”  Eh?  EH?)  I just don’t seem to have it in me right now.


In the meantime….



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Friday Fun Day

In no particular order:

  • Woke up chilly.  I love that feeling!  Gets my blood pumping and an eager outlook to my morning.
  • Scored an impressive victory in a game I’m playing on the iPad.
  • Took a walk to the local library’s Book Sale and got five (FIVE) books for seven (SEVEN!) dollars.
  • Almost finished another Christmas gift, it will be off the needles today and then I start something new.  Yay, stash-diving and pattern-matching!
  • I will be the only one home for dinner tonight.  I get to make whatever I want and I control the TV!
  • There will be wine consumed, too.
  • Messing around with illustrations and kind of liking how they look.  Maybe I’ll share someday.

In the meantime ~

It's almost hockey time!  Yay!

It’s almost hockey time! Yay!

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Randomly June

1.  It’s sweat weather again, so I’m happily hibernating inside.

2.  Unless I have to go out, which I did when I went food shopping.

3.  It’s funny how you can predict the way people will navigate a car the way they navigate their shopping carts.  Maybe funny is the wrong word.

4.  Why do sponges require so much room on the supermarket shelf?  Can there really be that many varieties and magical qualities that deem such disparate price structures?  We’re talking about washing dishes, not engineering a space shuttle.

5.  I remembered to buy bird seed for the outdoor feeder.  This should make the birds happy, because they’ve been perching on top of the empty feeder and nonchalantly throwing an accusatory and hurt look through the windows at me.

6.  It should also make the chipmunks happy.

7.  Someone told me it’s good to have chipmunks because it means you won’t have mice since they’re mortal enemies and chipmunks always scare away mice.  What they didn’t tell me is chipmunks make more elaborate tunnel systems than the entire Stalag 17 enactment.  I think my foundation is beginning to sink.

8.  Last night I stood outside and watched the fireflies.  Except that I call them lightning bugs even though fireflies sounds more descriptive and romantic.

9.  I went outside because I had a lot on my mind (still do) and it was rather enchanting to watch all the blinking and twinkling among the trees and bushes, until I remembered that it’s nothing more than a bug booty call.

10. I wonder how lightning bugs do with chipmunks.


"Ssshhh....don't tell her the lightning bugs are breakfast."

“Ssshhh….don’t tell her the lightning bugs are breakfast.”


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It’s All About the Random

1. Time is weird. When I was working I would dream about how I would use days off and how productive I’d be. Now that I have nothing but days off, I’m astonished at how little I’ve accomplished. I feel guilty about this, but not guilty enough to spur myself into a new regime. Which makes my brain lazier than my body, which I didn’t think was possible. Go, me.

2. I thought 2084 was a time suck. Now I found Chain3D and my life is over.

3. Sciatica or osteoporosis? Either way, it’s not fun.

4. I have been making meatloaf for over 30 years. Monday’s meatloaf was brand-new and a triumph. Old dogs and tricks, I guess.

5. It’s raining, and I want to watch lots of movies and do lots of knitting. Instead, I’m on the computer. I can’t stop reading and playing and playing and reading. I should be disgusted with my lack of willpower, but instead I’m writing so I can justify being on the computer.

6. Oddly enough, nobody seems disappointed in my lack of productivity except me. What does THAT say about me?

7. Could you find a more boring post than this?

8. I’m almost at the point where I want to stop following the news. It’s so disheartening to think that girls can be kidnapped and sold into slavery/marriage/nightmares simply because they wanted to educate themselves; that we accept the crookedness of politicians with a “well, what can you do?” sort of attitude and keep electing the same ninnies; that schools and malls and other public places continue to be targets for mentally broken people and the dialogue focuses on gun control instead of mental health development; that murder committed by younger people is on the rise and we as a society can’t figure out how to stop the vicious cycle of broken homes, broken schools, and broken hopes; and that religions that purport the love of a Supreme Being justify blatant cruelty in the same name.

9. I love chocolate-covered marshmallows.

10. I’m nothing if not weird.



Weird but also cool.

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Ten Things on a Thursday (Yes, Again)

1.  Boilers (or furnaces, I don’t really know if there’s a difference but it means my house is cold) are not fun things to spend a whack of cash on.  Ask me how I know.

2.  Neither are taxes.  Again, ask.

3.  Fun things are yarn, lunches out, and travel.  None of which is happening with my wallet now.

4.  2048 is a HUGE time-suck.

5.  April is weird.  Time to do ALL the gardening, apparently, but the ground is still too cold.  So should I plant cold-weather things?  Like pansies and peas?  But peas should have been planted on St. Patrick’s day.  But the ground was frozen.  I’m so confused.

6.  Tea solves everything.

7.  There is a direct correlation between the amount of sarcasm I employed and the fact that I am not employed.  I assume this means once my audience is gone, I am less sarcastic.  What does that say about me?

8.  I didn’t have to report for jury duty, even though this was one time I didn’t want to get out of it.  The only time I actually showed up at a courthouse my girls were very young and I announced I had to leave by 2:00 to pick them up from school.  The man behind the desk (which was really a folding table) looked at me oddly and said I couldn’t leave.  I looked at him oddly and said if I didn’t pick up my kids from school, the very same courthouse would be arresting me for child neglect and endangerment, so what did he suggest I do?  He curled his lip and told me I was dismissed.  I wonder if that’s why I’ve never been selected again.

9.  Luna bars make a satisfying breakfast, in that I don’t have to think about anything.  I love breakfast but don’t like to make it.

10.  Flurrious broke my heart, but I might forgive her.  Especially when the soup arrives.



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R. A. T. (Random Access Thursday)

1.  I am hard-pressed to identify my favorite color.  It’s green, but almost everything I wear is burgundy/dark red/maroon.  So is my car.  So was my last car.  My eyes are always drawn to blue, even though my eyes are green.  Full circle!

2.  Same with food.  I am in a monogamous relationship with potatoes.  Until pasta comes along, then I totally cheat on potatoes.  But when popcorn comes a-knockin’ I’m a slut.  Apparently “p” is my favorite letter in the food alphabet.  Yes, that means you, too, pretzels.

3.  I love knitting, but lately I’m reading more about knitting than doing the actual knitting.  Must ponder this.  Need snacks to ponder.  Any suggestions?  Anyone else notice ponder starts with “p”?

4.  The Bloggess is the funniest site I’ve ever read.  I went all the way back to the beginning and I’m up to December of 2008.  I was actually crying with laughter this morning at the thought of dead hobo fingers in her bra.

5.  Which doesn’t start with “p”.

6.  Why do so many people say the Winter Olympics are boring?  I find the summer Olympics akin to watching golf coverage with the quiet whispers and the finger applause.  Dive, dive, dive, splash, splash, splash.  Run, run, run, chest heave, chest heave, chest heave.  Winter has ice skating!  Ski jumping!  And most importantly it has ICE HOCKEY.  To gear up, we’re going to watch “Miracle” tonight.  Maybe one of us will lose a tooth.

7.  After the long slog of snow shoveling yesterday I made oatmeal with butter and brown sugar and it was sublime.  Today I didn’t have to shovel any snow (let us pause for a silent prayer of thankfulness) and I made oatmeal with butter and brown sugar and it was yukky.  Do I have to do manual labor for food to taste good?

8.  I just re-read number 2 and clearly the answer to number 7 is “of course not, dodo.”

9.  The whole world likes Tex-Mex or Mexican or Southwestern food and I hate it beyond all passion.  I realize that may offend some people.  It’s okay, go ahead and hate on my p-words, I understand.  (That totally doesn’t sound right.  At all.)

10.  Why is Candy Crush on my iPad on a different level than the Candy Crush on my laptop?  Don’t these guys talk to each other?

11.  Picture time:




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Ten on Tuesday

1. The potato-leek soup was DELICIOUS.

2. The to-do list is still somewhat in the mental planning stages.

3. Seven of the eight drawers in the dresser are emptied and are well on the way to being re-organized with a pared-down wardrobe.

4. Why does anyone need as many camisoles as I have?

5. See previous blog entry re: “stuff.”

6. I received new beads in the mail and can now finish my shawl project.  Thank you, Jimmy Beans Wool, for such speedy delivery.  Had I been wearing any of the 27 pairs of socks I own, you would have blown them off.

7. #6 is why the butternut squash soup didn’t get made.

8. I actually may get to Rhinebeck this year, even in the face of the no-yarn-for-a-year diet I’m on.  Buttons!  That’s what I’ll get!

9. I’m also on the no-magazines-for-a-year diet, and the new Jane Austen Knits just came out.  ::weeps quietly::

10. Oatmeal with butter, sugar-in-the-raw, and pecans is the absolute best thing on a crisp September morning.



Sing it, sister.


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Slow Motion Whirlwind

Honestly, that’s what the last few weeks have felt like.  It’s such a period of adjustment here at Tea & Sarcasm, but there’s really not a lot of stress involved.  I guess when you go through stuff with the people you love best, there really isn’t a residual feeling of being stressed out.  

Today will be a regrouping day, I think.  After dismantling the huge cherrywood California-king-sized captain’s bed we’ve used for over 25 years, we have the remaining “stuff” to go through.  Anybody who is in a relationship knows what “stuff” means: my treasures and his junk.  I kid, I kid, I think Hubby has some cool “stuff” but why on earth do we have so much of it?  And what in the world makes us think we should ever get more?  (Which has something to do with me swearing off buying yarn and magazines for an entire year.  But it didn’t stop me from buying a new cookbook last night.  Baby steps.)  There were eight drawers and three closets in this captain’s bed, and now we have to figure out how to live with a bed without drawers.  We could put stuff underneath, and we’re going to buy those long plastic bins for off-season storage, but for now we have “stuff” leaking out of every room in the house.  Couple that with Older Daughter’s moving-back “stuff” that still needs to find a home because she’s in the middle of repainting her room and we’re trying to combine two kitchens worth of “stuff” and you can imagine what home is like for us right now.

But today I will make potato-leek soup and butternut squash soup to freeze, and make some pretty strict to-do lists that should whittle down the “stuff” at a reasonable pace and still leave me time to enjoy the fabulous early fall we seem to be having; to do some Christmas stealth knitting (with stash, of course, because of that no-yarn-buying-promise, and I hope my dear friend Lisa who owns a yarn shop forgives me) and plan out upcoming events in a calm and enjoyable way instead of the last-minute frenzy that so often happened in the past; to come to grips with what’s happened, and to realize that when I run into my former students it’s okay to be happy to see them and then cry because I’m human and what happened to me affected me so very deeply that it’s not going to heal overnight; to have the blessed gift of time and the freedom to reflect and apparently the desire to construct very long and awkward run-on sentences.

Tea is ready now, sorry about the lack of sarcasm today.

Okay, I’ll throw in a picture:


How I feel when math is in the room. Science, too.

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