I last wrote in February of this year, about the importance for me to listen rather than speak, and I am very glad I made that decision.  In that time I’ve learned much about myself in relation to others, and I’ve come to several conclusions about relationships.


On this American Thanksgiving Day, I am beyond thankful, I am grateful.  Grateful to those who were braver than I could ever be about formerly taboo subjects (#me, too).  Grateful to those who can thoughtfully articulate in a few words the enormity of history being made, and not in a good way (JK Rowling and Stephen King, for two examples).  Grateful to family members who are passionate about their opinions, because they make me think about my own and how I choose to express them.


I’m grateful to the heroes and helpers who don’t bother to weigh the pros and cons of a situation before coming to the aid of our fellow humans (Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Maria).  Grateful to those who are not afraid to call out people in power (Amy Siskind and her extraordinary weekly list).  Grateful that fewer people are asking how something will affect them personally and more are asking how it will affect the poorer among us (health care).


I’m grateful that I have a brain that comprehends and is intuitive, and a heart that is empathetic and large.  If I could ask for something in the wizard’s black bag, it would probably be courage; I hesitate to speak out when I should, I am afraid of confrontation (going way back to my youth), there are fears tucked away that I logically know are ridiculous but my soul knows they are huge, and I don’t have the equipment to deal with them.


I started writing Tea and Sarcasm to be a sort of record to my daughters how I grew up and became who I am.  I’ve since realized it’s more about shaping myself by my past and what kind of person I really want to be.  And the kind of person I really want to be is an amalgam of what my two daughter have become: independent, brave, socially aware, sure in their footing, and not afraid to call out injustice anywhere.  I cannot take credit for any of these remarkable qualities, because they clearly came from somewhere else as you can see from my past postings.


I’m just grateful.


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