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Happy Fourth Birthday! No, Wait…

Happy Birthday the Fourth?

May the Fourth be Birthday?

Go Fourth and Birthday?

Happy Birthday America on the Fourth of July!  Yeah, that’s it!  And what are we celebrating on this day, besides barbecues, beers, and parades?  Prices slashed on mattresses!  Woo hoo!


I kid.  I am always fascinated by our War of Independence because it just seems ridiculous to me that we actually won with all the odds stacked against us.  How did a group of volunteers actually defeat the strongest military presence of that time?  How did we get a group of men to hammer out an idea that was the basis for an entire system of democracy?  How did we not get engaged in war many times over by other countries that wanted to rule over us?  How in the world does it still work?


Of course, people will argue that it doesn’t work.  I have been known to say that our political structure is damaged beyond repair, that we should abolish the two-party system and go back to the two people with the most votes become President and Vice-President, that there should be no such thing as super delegates or a party convention.  There should be term limits, caps on spending for political campaigns, a shorter season, etc.  But the United States of America as a government has carried on for two hundred and forty years, and we have a nation we can be proud of.


We also have a nation that has much room for improvement in terms of caring for the elderly and the indigent, educating everyone equally and not based on zip code or bank balance, maintaining our roads and bridges and parks and monuments without a political agenda snuck in at the last moment, and perhaps realizing that we are all on the same side.  We don’t need any sort of us-vs.-them attitude in anything we set out to achieve together as a nation, as we learned during the Civil War that we’re better together than apart.  We need patience, clear communication, and a resistance to personal gain at the expense of someone else.  I still believe in us.


So Happy Birthday, America!  You look pretty good for your age, and I like those colors on you.

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