Squishing Day 10, 11, and 12: I Must Be Mad!

Day 10: I do not drink coffee.  Readers of Tea and Sarcasm will understand why.  So, if we were having a cup of tea together, I’d be offering you a mug and a various assortment of different teas.  NOT TISANES, NOT HERBALS, NOT MUDDLED FLOWERS.  Tea.  I would boil the kettle, offer you milk, sugar, honey, or one last packet of artificial sweetener left over from the days we used to hold mammoth backyard barbecues which hasn’t happened in over ten years, so accept the packet at your own risk.  I’d pour, then ask you how long you’d like it to brew.  Understandably, you’d look puzzled.  Many of our friends take the mug, give the tea bag or the infuser a quick dunk like it’s a carnival dunk tank, and drink from there.  If I weren’t such a polite hostess, I’d give you a major stinkeye because why are you wasting my yummy tea when all you really wanted was tea-scented water?  I used to brew my tea for 10 minutes but now it’s six.  After I’d settled down with you and our mugs and offered some cookies to go with, I’d chat about whatever we wanted and there’d be no holds barred, no judgement, no off-topic topics.  If you say something I violently disagree with, I may or may not push back, but I will eventually and ever so subtly change the subject.  Tea is just that good, and it should be shared in good company with amiable feelings.  Now, if we were drinking wine, that’s a different saga.

Day 11: What do I do when I’m not blogging?  Um, life?  Yesterday was Monday and I was my usual organized self with the added bonus of celebrating a family birthday.  My email notifications were adding up a bit, but I kept telling myself I’d get to those writing assignments really really soon.  Like, soon.  And another day ended and it was all filled with life stuff and people and places and things and I’d think that for sure tomorrow I’d write something.  I’d have cut myself some slack if I’d known the assignment was not to write!  But this reaching out to someone for an interview or collaboration is making my gears not mesh comfortably.  Yes, I know, get out of your comfort zone in order to write about more things, but if I’m not comfortable writing, why would I do it?  As far as someone whose work I admire, that would be Jenny Lawson, Susan Branch, Mary Engelbreit, or Alicia Paulson.  Those are the folks who create and make my heartstrings tug a bit, simply by how their words, pictures, art, blogs, settings, and place resonate within me, that I can’t put words to.  Check them out.  Maybe when the writing assignment comes I’ll do a fake interview.

Day 12: Word count?  Really?  If I’m too long, make it succinct, and if I’m too short, make it longer.  That’s my assignment for today.  I am gobsmacked.  I just…. what?  I don’t pay attention to word count.  Am I supposed to?  Is that what a writer does?  All I can think of is that scene from the movie Amadeus where the Count is trying to sum up his objections to Mozart’s latest piece:  “There it is.  Too many notes.”  Mozart is flabbergasted.  He has written just as many notes as the piece required, no more, no less, and perhaps his majesty would like to suggest which notes he should keep and which he should discard?  (Not that I am in any way comparing my rantings over the interwebz on par with Mozart’s genius, believe me.  That would be mad.  Although my title does say I must be mad, so…..)  I am not really liking this assignment either, but since I’ve blathered on about it, I guess I had something to say.  And that’s all I have to say about that.

Now, to dig out my knitting, cue up Netflix, and find out what’s happening on Midsomer Murders.  I know it’s Tuesday and I alluded to tags, but I’m not there yet.  Soon.  Maybe.  I don’t know.  Perhaps.  In the meantime…..

Which is why I don't invite squirrels over.

Which is why I don’t invite squirrels over.



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3 responses to “Squishing Day 10, 11, and 12: I Must Be Mad!

  1. I loved this, had me laughing most of the way through :p I love tea too, I brew for about 10 minutes but I prefer to make my tea in a proper teapot with a tea cozy on top for proper brewing. Very 1920s British, I know, but that’s the way I like it. My collection of teapots and teacups has my husband thinking I’m a little crazy and the saddest thing to happen to me all week was when I broke a teacup from my favourite tea set while washing it. I have lots of mugs too of course but I always prefer a teacup if I have the choice 🙂

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