Day Six and Day One: No Wonder I’m Discombobulated!

I usually love Mondays because for me it’s the most structured day of the week.  Hubby is back to work, laundry is religiously done, lists are made, appointments figured out, and a general sense of I Am Master And Commander floats about me.  Today?  Not so much.  It’s 5:30 right now, I have to be somewhere in half an hour, and I need to blog.  Therefore, I am combining my Writing 101 and my Blogging 201 into one very confusing post because I want to write but I must be efficient about it.


*Deep breath*

Day Six: Where do I write?  Just like my Mondays, I have a structure to it.  I have a little den off the kitchen where I’ve set up my desk and laptop and that is where the writing happens.  I have written a total of ONE post from my mobile app on my iPad and I hated it so much I immediately deleted the app.  I tried writing outside, too, but I was so distracted by breezes and birds and buzzes that I was useless as a writer.  Nope.  It must be at my beautiful desk in my little den.  The desk is from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and is Amish made.  It is probably one of the most beautiful pieces of furniture I’ve ever owned.  I have my colored pencils, markers and tools for my inkytags line of art, and my knitting very close by.  There’s a transom window above me that lets me see the sky which I find so important, so soothing, so restorative…of course, the screen could use a good cleaning, but I still see sky so there’s that.  My chair is a standard office chair on wheels with a fabric seat and back and no arms.  Arms on an office chair are so restricting and how can I write when I feel hemmed in?

The anomaly to this is writing in public.  If I bring my laptop to the library or Panera or a hotel, I can still write like a demon because I’m still in my hushed private self yet surrounded by the smell of books or bread or room-service tea.  I have a sneaking suspicion now that it’s my laptop that I really need for my creative writing to flow.  I type pretty fast and I love my old laptop.  (Apple MacBook.  2007.  Black.  Yep, it’s a dinosaur.  Like me.)

And now I’m supposed to ask you all for ideas on what to write, to insert a poll and gather ideas from all of you.  I really don’t know how I feel about this.  Wait, yes I do.  I don’t like it.  I write what I write and I try to make it a bit humorous, a bit thought-provoking, a bit about family, and a bit about growth.  Apparently there will be a test assignment later using this “well of ideas” so I’m putting this in for you, dear readers.  If you’d like to see me write something in particular, please add it in the comments.

Now, on to Day One of Blogging: (I must have been out of my mind to sign up for both.)

Write three goals I’ve set for my blog.  Um……..uh……..hrmmmmm…………

There are no goals I set for this blog, other than writing.  I wanted to get into the habit of writing every day and I soon realized that that was not an achievable goal for me.  I was not going to become “a writer” in the recognizable sense of the word, but I did enjoy a well-crafted essay.  My favorite blogger was known as flurrious who no longer blogs and the world is worse off for it.  But she had a masterful way of turning a phrase and connecting a story and creating a world and I admired it greatly.  I also admire the Bloggess, Posie Gets Cozy, and the Yarn Harlot.  I do not want to be any of these ladies.  I don’t need to brand myself, monetize myself, or be widely read.  I just want my little corner where I can be silly, sarcastic, and drink tea while I write.

That being said, I do like the idea of spending an hour each week visiting my follower’s blogs and commenting.  I must do that more and I will.  I do also have an idea for a weekly feature but I want to flesh it out because I just thought of it this very second and I’m not committing to anything I haven’t thought through.  (Wish I’d had this presence of mind in my twenties.)  I’ll just say this: Tag Tuesday.  (Eeep!  I’ve said too much!)

Good heavens, what a bunch of rambling silly sentences I’ve thrown at you!  785 words in twenty-three minutes, now that’s just ridiculous.  I hope to be back tomorrow with something a bit more……thoughtful.





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2 responses to “Day Six and Day One: No Wonder I’m Discombobulated!

  1. I’ve gotten out of the blog-reading habit, unless it involves cat and/or miniature donkey photos, but when my reader showed that you had NINE new posts, I thought I better pop in and see if you’d suddenly become born-again or what. Then I saw my fake name mentioned and got a little teary about it. Thank you for the kind words. I sometimes miss my blog, but whenever I think about reviving it, I get distracted either by something breaking/making a weird noise/spewing water in my house or by a Gunsmoke rerun.

  2. Awwwwww, miss you! (And Gunsmoke, obs.)

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