Writing 101: Or, How to Put Words Together

I write because….

Well, where else am I to put all this crazy?  The stuff that clogs up my brain is staggering.  Plus there’s all those rants and raves that I leave unspoken because my mother taught me manners, but she never said not to write it down.  And then there’s all the FEELS I have about certain things and if I don’t articulate them, then they gain weight and become too heavy to carry around.

I write because….

I actually thought I had a book in me.  A young adult story aimed at the middle schoolers that I had just left but still carried in my heart.  A fantasy with some of the moral outlooks I shared with my students based on the challenges they faced at their age.  The blogging every day was going to be my discipline, my morning caffeine if you will, to get me going and writing the story.

I write because….

I get a satisfied feeling when a sentence or thought comes out well, or when I make somebody laugh with my words.  Finding out somebody thinks I’m funny is a real high for me and makes me want to continue.

I write because….

It’s not all Tea and Sarcasm.  Sometimes I have a serious side.  A side that would make little kids (or my friend Lisa) cover their eyes and say “ew, gross, tell me when this part is over” like a love scene during an action movie.  A side that broods a bit too much.

I write because….

Someday I hope to be good enough to be a writer.

Pensive bat is pensive.

Pensive bat is pensive.


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  1. OMG, what a cute picture! Nicely done on the post!

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