Day Two: A List

Oh, easy peasy lemon squeezy!  I LOVE lists!  Lists are da bomb because they’re like cheat sheet notes that help you remember what you need for the test you studied for but it’s really hard to remember all the specifics.  (That’s why I hated math and science tests: too many formulas and rules to remember.  Give me an English or History test with essays and I’m in writer’s heaven.)

Things I Wish

  1. That I could have enough money so my family never needs to worry about health care costs, but not so much money that I forget what it’s like to actively want something and to work for it.
  2. That people who are mean could take off their masks at the end of the day and write a blog talking about how they did the wrong thing by being mean and how they hope to be better tomorrow.
  3. That politicians had a word limit like Twitter.  All the time.  There’s a certain beauty in being concise.
  4. To have a twitchy nose like Bewitched that only works on making my home sparkling clean.
  5. That our pets were granted the ability to talk for 24 hours before they left us, just to let us know what we can do better with the next one.
  6. That ice cream had the nutritional equivalent of kale.
  7. That the elderly were respected and revered more than they are.
  8. That teeth were indestructible.
  9. That I could have had dinner with Robin Williams.
  10. That drones could hover on the highways and drop tickets on idiot drivers that don’t know how to follow the rules.  It would be more fun if they were dropping “you’re guilty!” notices with an automatic fine, but everyone’s entitled to their day in court.  I guess.

Have I mentioned that I like lists?  Have you notice that my thoughts are sometimes disjointed and a little….I don’t know…strange?  Yeah.

At least I don't get quite this bad.

At least I don’t get quite this bad.



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2 responses to “Day Two: A List

  1. Jellyfish Mama

    I love all of these, especially 4 and 6! Ice cream that’s good for you? That would probably lead to world peace or something..

  2. 🙂 Love your list! And anyone who can appreciate Calvin is a friend of mine!

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