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WordPress notified me of a “Happy Anniversary!” and I was so busy I couldn’t do more than say “Oh, cool, I’ve been blogging for a year.”  Nope!  It’s been two years!  LOL as the crazy kids say.

Some busy: Birthday Celebrations.  Anniversary wishes.  Father’s Day.  A new member of our family who likes to bark at rabbits and is named Nellie.  Another wedding.  A trip to Virginia.  Entertaining.  Next thing I know we’re halfway into July and I’ve already harvested zucchini and beans from the garden.  (The cucumbers keep trying to put forth some flowers and new leaves, and the rabbits/groundhogs keep snapping them off.  I hope Nellie puts a stop to that soon.)  

What is the name for that feeling when you want to do ALL THE THINGS but then it’s 4:00 and you haven’t planned dinner yet?  When you know you want to accomplish certain things but then the other things take your attention or your brain thinks you’ve done it when all you’ve really done is say “I need to do the thing”?  When Monday comes and you have a mental to-do list and then it’s Thursday and all you have done is make the to-do list?  What is that called?  Please tell me it’s a cool name like “ennui” and not something like “laziness.”

The siren song of summer.

The siren song of summer.


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