Falling Down the Well

I’m neither here nor there.  I’m drawing, but not putting things up on Etsy.  I’m knitting, but not blocking when I finish.  I’m taking pictures, but not sharing them.  I’m thinking, but not…..doing?

This lot, you lot.

This lot, you lot.

So instead, I’m giving away some yarn.  There are two skeins of Universal Yarn (70% acrylic, 30% wool) in the Spanish moss colorway; one skein of Cascade 220 in Bluestone; two balls of green-tan-white striped Sugar n’ Cream, one of cream, and one of Daisy Ombre.  No gimmicks, no weird stuff, I don’t need your first-born, but maybe passing on yarn that I had hopes and dreams for to someone who can create something might spark me into…..doing.

So that’s it.  Leave a comment.

Free shipping to US, and I’ll try to work something out if you’re in a farther (further?) mailing zone.

Have a moment of reflection for Memorial Day if you’re American, or a moment of reflection for someone you care about while you consume whatever food it is that makes your weekend work.  I hope to be something more entertaining sometime soon.



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One response to “Falling Down the Well

  1. Winsday

    I’m a lurking lurker, but I totally get that meh feeling where the wheels are spinning but no forward motion is happening. Hope all the growing things are helping give you a little momentum.

    If you’re still looking to adopt out your little yarn family I’d be happy to give it a loving Canadian home 🙂

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