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Pajama Day!

What?  You didn’t know about this?  You didn’t see it on your calendar and prepare in advance?  Yeah, neither did I.  But I decided today was going to be a pajama day and so it is.

1.  I don’t have a car today.  Therefore, I cannot go anywhere needing a car.  Therefore, I have no urgent need to get dressed.  That equals pajamas.

2.  It is Monday which is laundry day.  Laundry means I am going up and down the stairs a few times which nobody needs to get dressed up for.  That equals pajamas.

3.  A shower needs to happen, but this morning was Older Daughter’s shower plus the aforementioned two loads of laundry.  That equals no hot water for a while.  That equals no shower for a while.  That equals no need to dress just to undress for shower later.  That equals pajamas.

4.  I have not been sleeping well lately.  That equals pajamas.

5.  Today’s pajamas are pink-and-white-striped with cheerful little green frogs on them and green piping.  That, in and of itself, equals pajamas.

Probably whilst in his pajamas, too.

Probably whilst in his pajamas, too.


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It’s like waiting for the other shoe to drop, innit?

Xtraordinarily dull things have been happening since last I typed. I had a birthday. I made my annual girls’ weekend jaunt to Pennsylsippi, where much Amish-sold bacon was purchased. We had Xtremely cold temps here which ordinarily don’t bother me because I like wearing sweaters and I like watching nature from a safe spot behind the windows.

And then we had the moment. HubbY was home when there was a terrific BANG! and water began cascading down the walls and out of the wall outlet. The tinY night light plugged into said outlet began to flicker and smoke, and HubbY knew what happened: a pipe burst. Despite keeping everY faucet running for daYs in this 8 degree weather, a hot water pipe burst. Thanks to all the house gods that it was HubbY home and not me, because he knew where the main water line was to shut it off. And now things look like this:

Isn't it beautiful?  We're so proud.

Isn’t it beautiful? We’re so proud.

Seeing water cascade down through your ceiling fixture is Zero fun. (Okay, I know that’s lame, but there aren’t many opportunities to use “z” in ordinary conversation.) The next step is to get estimates from contractors and begin the work to bring the room back. All in all, we were extremely lucky, and we don’t need any more excitement .

Funny thing, having the walls opened up like that and seeing the original beams and nails and lathe from 1923 makes me wonder what life was like when the house was being built. I toy with the idea of researching this old house and writing a story about it all, and then I remember: I am monumentally laZy. (Ha! Got another “z.”)

Other than knitting and watching Midsomer Murders on Netflix, the winter has been …. well, wintry.  I’m not complaining at all, being the stay-at-home snuggle-by-the-fire type that I am.  I wonder…..  is this what they call retirement?

I'll have to ponder that sometime.

I’ll have to ponder that sometime.

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