meep meep

meep meep

We Were Very Worried about the impending Frenchtoastpocalypse, and the media frenzy that came With it Was quite the eye-opener.  Lines around the block at the Union Square Trader Joe’s, entire shelves of milk and bread Wiped clean, Virtually nothing left over.  And then came the storm of the century!  Or not, as it turned out.  I believe We received a grand total of seven inches; it was almost disappointing to not see a huge dump of White stuff.  After all, four states declared a state of emergency before there Were any real accumulations, schools Were cancelled, Workplaces sent their employees home after assigning homework, and a Veritable “end of days” Was looming on the horizon.  Such a frizzle.  But it Was delightful to have the family home, especially When We built a fire in the fireplace and enjoyed bowls of stew and hot buttered noodles around it, then just stared at the fire and talked quietly.

We’ve had our share of storms here.  Sandy knocked out our power for eight days (and thankfully didn’t knock any trees into our house; around the corner had an entire corner of their house caved in) and I discovered I didn’t like living like the Amish.  We’ve had other nor’easters cause disaster and once a tornado touched down two blocks away but thankfully the most We’ve ever suffered are power outages and a bit of basement flooding.  (Looks around for some Wood to knock on.)

Today I Ventured out to the local food Vendor (yes, We needed milk.  Shut up.) and I was surprised at how empty the store Was of people.  There Were the usual Wednesday Warriors of the elderly kind (Which is Why I switched my normal shopping day to Tuesday, but see above for reason Why it didn’t happen) and of all the things that the store could have been out of, steak Was nowhere to be found.  I was stumped.  I managed to get everything else on my list and scurry away home Within an hour, and feel Very accomplished and organized.  Until I realized I forgot to stop at the post office to get stamps.

I’ll be trudging out in the snow, now.  All seven inches of it.  Pray for me.

I wish, bear.  But We need stamps!

I wish, bear. But We need stamps!


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