(As soon as I saw those letters I was inspired to simply post SHUT THE UP.  But that would have made even less sense than the normal drivel I post here.)

Since Christmas has passed, I have been Supremely busy with getting things together.  I have gone through all my Stash (yarn, to you non-knitting muggles) and posted it on ravelry (mecca, to you non-knitting muggles) So that I now have a clear idea of not only how much yarn I actually own, but what it is and what it could be used for.  It’s nice to look at a pattern and See Suggestions for the yarns that are actually in your Stash that could work for this project, although it’s embarrassing to See just how many of Said yarns are actually in my Stash.  The group I’m doing this Cold Sheep with (like cold turkey, but with wool) recommends converting the yardage to mileage.  That was pretty Scary.  Hubby didn’t flip when he learned I own over 40 miles of yarn.  He innocently wondered how I keep my yarn separate from Younger Daughter’s yarn, and when I Sheepishly confessed (hahahaha! SHEEPISHLY) in a very quiet voice that the closet he was peering into contained only my yarn, he just Smiled and Shook his head.  I knew I married the right man!

That led me into scrutinizing other areas of my life That could benefit from getting it Together.  My Tag-making, for example: I now have beautiful boxes To file all the lovely little Tags neatly by category and holiday, and I bought materials To make my own light box so The photos aren’t so horrifyingly ugly.  My Tag-making Tools of pens, pencils, cutting Tools, measuring Tools, etc. are all neatly in a little basket on my desk, and my inspiration books are in an actual magazine holder on same desk.  This is unheard of in my history.  I’m usually jazzed To start all This stuff and Then I get waylaid by how many little doohickeys need organizing and is That a cup of Tea I hear calling my name?  I even found a place for The cord That connects my laptop To my camera:

Yes, of course I decorated it.

Yes, of course I decorated it.

Understand, however, that this is not necessarily going to be an ongoing thing.  It is January, after all, and just as the gyms are flooded with well-meaning do-gooders and Weight-Watchers is having their version of Black Friday, I anticipate that by the end of February that little tin will be the only thing that is organized about my life.  But it is very fun to dream, eh?  Maybe I’ll organize my Umbrellas next, or Hubby’s Underwear, or other USB cables, or Ummmm…  Well, I know what I won’t do:  there’ll be no Udder-pulling or Ugg-buying.  (How else was I going to work “U” into this thrilling narrative?)

Oh, hey, there's a "U" in there!  Go, me!

Oh, hey, there’s a “U” in there! Go, me!


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