Paris.  How a group of People who look at all-too-serious issues in a different way can be executed by other People who apparently want to rule the world leaves me gobsmacked.  Satirical thought is, in my opinion, almost always brilliant because it depends on so many different levels of engagement.  I have a lot of respect, admiration, and jealousy for The Daily Show because of the thought-Provoking views that are also hysterically funny.  But nobody deserves to be gunned down for drawing a Picture or Penning some thoughts simply because you think your faith entitles you to massacre whomever displeases you.  Who’s funding all their firepower?

Quite on the other side of thoughts in my brain, I’m enjoying a Quiet spell in the home this week.  Older Daughter has flown off to Ireland to visit the boyfriend and I have the mansion to myself from 7:30 – 6:00 every day.  Oh, sweet miracle of things done on my time!  Of not reporting in to anyone!  Of not receiving a text plaintively begging to bring milk home!  Of….oh, heck, I don’t mind any of this stuff, I just needed to write something involving Q.

Reality is settling in.  I am Really getting down to Reorganizing my yarn stash, because it has grown muchly over the last two years (not at all coincidentally with a dear friend’s yarn shop opening and then, sadly, closing) and also because I keep finding bags of things that I’ve forgotten I’d bought.  That’s bad.  I Really don’t want to end up on an episode of Hoarders, so I shall be dragging out the skeins, photographing them, listing them on Ravelry, then Reassembling their home into something that Resembles sense.  Instead of, you know, the usual “I know I can make it fit into this drawer!  Just have to push harder!”  I might even (gasp!) find some patterns to go with said yarn and produce something with what I have.  (What?  That’s crazy talk!)

Even the Captain's surprised at my stash.

Even the Captain’s surprised at my stash.


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