Mayhem abounds along with some Merriment as the holidays draw to a close.  I’ve heard that whatever you’re doing on New Year’s Eve you’ll be doing for the rest of the New Year, in which case I will be perpetually fixing things.  That wouldn’t be so bad except that Means things will be perpetually breaking.  While working on a second Mitt for Older’s boyfriend, somehow things got Muddled (as they tend to do while knitting) and a solid hour was spent picking, poking, shifting, tinking, and (regrettably) ripping.  But even the ripping didn’t go smoothly as it go stuck to itself and I went in again with the poking and the prodding until I got so frustrated I just cut off the offending part and started anew.  That was a lot of time wasted especially as today is Friday and these Must be done for Monday.

Not to be outdone, our tiny bedroom closet decided that New Year’s Eve would be the perfect time to scare the snot out of us as we were sleeping and crash down.  The plaster ceiling rained down all its dusty glory on suits, jackets, dresses, shoes, slacks, and everything else you store in a closet, and the hanging bar said “Nope!  I’m done!  Checking out and bringing all your good clothes with me!”  Neatening up piles of clothes and hangers at 2:00 in the morning is Not my idea of a good time, but who am I to judge?

Other competitors in the “Which Project will I Pay Attention to First?” contest include the light fixture in the upstairs shower which I won’t even go near since I had an all-too-realistic dream about a huge spider biting me and I woke up screaming, so I just KNOW there’s spiders in that thing; the dishwasher that leaves half the food all Over the plates and glasses unless things are stacked just-so-freaking-so and half Of the silverware racks have broken through so cutlery is disappearing down below the level Of the rack and I don’t realize it until I’m trying to jam the silly thing closed and use all the colorful language in my vocabulary; and the Oven which is tantalizing me with “will I work Or won’t I?” games and forcing me to stand by and listen for the little click-click-click of the gas ignition and the sudden whooosh of the flames catching up.

This is not how I envisioned my 2015 beginning.

Me inside.  Still sweet and lovely on the outside.

Me inside. Still sweet and lovely on the outside.



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2 responses to “MNO

  1. My new year is starting the same way. It’s as if all the things I own made a suicide pact.

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