Goodness, this month is truly Getting away from me.  I had acres of time, didn’t I?  And now I’m down to a few precious hours, but I’m not really despairing.  After all, it is the season of light and I won’t let any darkness creep in if I can help it. It’s all Good, even the stuff that’s not so Good.  Like Giving back the dog.  She was adorable and had very melty eyes but Great balls of fire, she was beyond us all.  She has been returned to the foster family she had and will await another placement; I found out that we were the fifth family she had been placed with, not the second as we had been led to believe.  We know it was the right decision because we all breathed a huge sigh of relief.  Maybe that makes us terrible people, but I think this dog would have been miserable with us and us with her, and she certainly deserves the right match in a family, doesn’t she?  And I’ve learned the same lesson I learned as a teacher: just because I have the capacity to love doesn’t mean I have the capacity to work miracles.  Thus endeth the lesson.

Happiness is surging through us now, and we are looking forward to our little family celebration.  There is an impressive pile of Holiday-wrapped gifts amassed on the window seat, and a Huge pile of empty boxes collected in the garage.  Things didn’t get finished, but so what?  The important part is that we love each other to bits, and we are going to savor the next three days together with Hugs, laughter, good food, Christmas movies, and lots of indulgent time spent reading, knitting, and playing games.

We will also see “Into the Woods” because we’re that family.  We like music and musicals and when we can, we Indulge our Inner music geeks and Immerse ourselves.  I would be remiss, however, If I didn’t Include something else that has become so Important to me:

It has ticked me no end anytime I see a notification saying “John Paul liked your post!” “Benjamin Is now following you!” “You have reached your 50th follower!”    I don’t know where people came from, how they found this blog, or even If they stayed around, as I don’t “do” stats and all that (please, I could barely handle algebra, you think I could understand statistics?) .  It was enough that somebody took the time to read what I wrote and clicked a button to say “like.”  There are bloggers who garner hundreds of comments and have cult status and that’s great, because many of them do great things.  (I’m thinking of the Yarn Harlot who raises funds for MSF and PWA, and the Bloggess who raises awareness of depression and funds for underprivileged children; they’re my personal blog heroes.)  The comments are nice here, but I really enjoy just having this little place that’s mine and I can be whatever I want to be through some words and images.  And the fact that somebody reached out to say “hey, I liked that” is a whole bunch of Good Holiday Inspiration.  (See what I did there?  Wrapped it in a neat package!)

Merry December to all of you, and find yourselves a corner of light somewhere.  I’ll be thinking of you.

Heh heh

Heh heh


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