The Dog is sadly not working out.  Turns out the rescue foster left out quite a few Details regarding her breed, temperament, Destructive behavior, and a whole lot of biting.  We have let the rescue place know we are not a good fit for this particular Dog and while I am partially heartbroken that this just Didn’t work out, I am also relieved.  It was going to be a very long haul on the re-training and I Don’t think I have the spoons for it.  We are sending her off with many belly rubs and ear scritches when she lets us.  I’m so sorry, Roxie.

Everything Else is kind of on a standstill.  There hasn’t been any baking yet, or card-sending, but today I actually got out to buy a few stocking stuffers to supplement the Amazon Extravaganza that has been my shopping so far.  It’s like my December planning and Executing has been floating in the stratosphere waiting for me to beckon it onwards, but I’m not able to throw myself into it until puppy situation is straightened out.

Finally, I am Furiously knitting my Fingers down to nubs, as there are still FIVE presents in various stages of Finishing to be done.  And this dog likes to steal and eat yarn.  (No, I swear that is not the reason why she has to go.)  Food planning of the cookie type has to happen this weekend or I am going to be in big trouble and there is to be no FREAKING out around here.

oh, yesssss......

oh, yesssss……




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2 responses to “DEF

  1. So sorry, my friend. I’m glad there’s a feeling of relief that comes with this decision, and hope she soon finds her forever home. Y’all get points for trying!!

  2. The guilt is heavy. Thanks for the points!

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