A: I haven’t been doing much of Anything.  There’s been a ton of knitting for Giftmas going on, what with the family next door, my own three, my two besties, And A couple of other Assorted folks here and there.  The knitting must take place with a movie or really good series, And so far I’ve been immersed in the Netflix, watching The Forsyte Saga And Call the Midwife.

B: Besides the knitting, there has Been the planning of the Baking.  We have to have the traditional items of course, But there’s always something new I get into my craw and I won’t Be content until I’ve had a tussle with it.  I’m tinkering with the idea of a chocolate cake roll, along the lines of a Buche de Noel, But not nearly as stroke-inducing.

C: Christmas, Carols, Cookies, sugar Comas, Coupons, and Cleaning.  That sums up what’s looming on my radar, but it’s okay because there will only be the four of us this year.  We are not having any sort of open house party because…

D: We got a Dog.  A one-year old puppy named Roxie and right now it’s all about the training and the rules and the teaching and the schedules and I cannot possibly introduce a house full of people on top of that.  I’m nervous enough about bringing in the tree.

Thank you to those who ordered my gift labels from my Etsy shop, Inkytags.  Your feedback was greatly appreciated!

This is SO how I feel.

This is SO how I feel.


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