On Reflection….

I took some photos of our Thanksgiving table so you could see how ridiculous it looked considering only four of us were at the feast.  I had a lovely centerpiece with pumpkins, a pilgrim figurine, and a whimsical birdhouse; there were two different kinds of cranberries this year; the wine was ruby gems in liquid form; the tablecloth was a lovely muted autumn plaid.

I uploaded the photos to my computer.  And then, I did something I have never done before.  When the little message popped up “would you like to delete the originals from the camera?” I said yes.  I had so many pictures on that little camera and it scrolls through so slowly, I decided I should tidy things up.  I imported so many pictures!  I deleted so many pictures!  And now I can’t find them on the computer ANY. FREAKIN’. WHERE.

Gnashing of teeth.  Forceful expelling of breath.  Scrolling through existing photos, thinking perhaps it’s randomly shoved into the middle of our England trip, or two college graduations, or a wedding, or our cruise, or…..

And I discovered it doesn’t matter that I can’t find them right now.  I had a plethora of pictures and memories to float through that were distracting me from the gnashing teeth and I found myself smiling rather than cursing.  I know those photos have to be here  but they don’t need to be here right now.  So I can’t blog about it, big deal.  There are more and more memories waiting to be made, and more and more memories I can look back on and be present in that moment.

In the meantime, I continue to make tags for my little Etsy shop, knit on my Christmas presents, and be very grateful that my husband secured a job.  And with that, I leave you with this:

Ralph was special

Ralph was special


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