It’s Labor Day here in the US, and a day set aside to honor the men and women who tirelessly sit at a desk all day and create stacks of paper that mean virtually nothing.  Having been in such a job myself in earlier times, I can safely say that this day has virtually nothing to do with reality or sense.  Much like this blog.

I believe it also honors the union workers, who historically labored under dire working conditions without any job security or dignity, and it is due to these unions that we now have the five day work week, minimum wages, and a song that urges us to look for the union label.

Here’s my labor takes:

  • I’m not in labor.
  • I’m not laboring, as I am still without employment.
  • I’m not doing any labor because it’s hot and humid outside and I’m fairly caught up inside.
  • I don’t own a labor-atory.
  • I don’t know anyone having a Labor Day cookout, so it looks like dinner is up to me.

Share your mundane Labor Day so I don’t feel quite so laboriously underwhelmed.


For all you hard workers out there.

For all you hard workers out there.



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2 responses to “Laboring

  1. Growing up, Labor Day was an overlooked holiday in my family primarily because, being laborers, my parents generally had to work on that day. Now I mostly view it as an excuse to eat potato salad. It did sadden me this year, however, to realize that the Labor Day telethon, which used to last a full day, is now just two hours on a Sunday night. It’s really not the same if you can’t tune in at 4:00 on Monday afternoon and see Jerry Lewis in his disheveled tux, his Brylcreem failing him after so many hours, crying and introducing Tony Orlando and Dawn.

    • Jerry Lewis singing in a cracked voice “You’ll Never Walk Alone” was the signal to end the Labor Day festivities (which weren’t really festive as we didn’t even have potato salad) and gear up for back to school once Ed MacMahon revealed that final big number. It’s not even really a telethon anymore.

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