I Am A Glutton

So to celebrate Younger Daughter’s college graduation, we took a little trip south to the land of the Mouse.  Stellar planning on our part, yes indeed.  Florida.  August.  95 degrees.  Thunderstorms every day.  And HUMID.  People had trouble telling me and the Lion King apart.  But we did have fun, we did indulge in food, and we walked freakin’ everywhere.  Disney, you really need to look into moving sidewalks.  Having to walk two miles in such heat just to get to the entrance is a bit cruel.

We stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort, which is lovely, and has a fairly quick bus service.  I have discovered on this trip (and I would say this is my sixth visit) that I really am not a fan of the Magic Kingdom.  (Listens for gasps of horror, contemplates striking out last sentence, soldiers on.)  I like Epcot the most, followed by Hollywood Studios.  I wonder if Buzzfeed has a quiz about that, along the lines of “What Disney theme park are you most compatible with?” or “What does your preferred Disney theme park reveal about you?”  (Note to self: contact Buzzfeed.)  Epcot has two distinct areas that are appealing, especially the ride Soarin’ and the wonderful water features.  World Showcase is just so cool and we did our best to have an adult beverage at each country.  We missed Morocco (because we thought they didn’t have any) and Norway (because we didn’t think beer would go well with cloudberry horns and schoolbread).  It’s very weird to drink all that and not get a single bit of a buzz because you are SWEATING IT OUT AS SOON AS IT GOES IN.

The highlight, however, was going over to Universal to see Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley.  So worth it!

So real.

So real.

DSCF1670 DSCF1680 DSCF1683 DSCF1687 DSCF1693 DSCF1706

That little guy perched amongst the owls is Ioan the Sheep.  He is wearing a Hufflepuff scarf knitted by Younger Daughter.  He actually had outfits for most of Disney, too, and some confused but amiable people posed with him:

DSCF1627 DSCF1631 DSCF1644

Older Daughter crafted the moose antlers.  You would not believe some of the outfits…but I don’t have photos as I was not part of the journalistic foray.

It makes me ridiculously happy that my 24- and 21-year-old daughters still enjoy vacationing with us, and how much fun we genuinely all had.  Turkey leg, anyone?



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4 responses to “I Am A Glutton

  1. hey there! i’m loving your recent posts!
    I also blogged about The Ultimate Guide for a Stress-Free #PreparationforVacation. I would also like to ask how do you prepare for your much-awaited vacation? Do you just pack-and-go? or you want everything to be organized?

    here’s what my recent post is all about…

    would be so nice to hear from you! 🙂

    cheers! xx

    deanna ( http://www.talkaboutbeauty.co )

  2. Maggie

    for the record, there was adult beveraging consumed in norway.

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