(Besides the obvious good health, a roof, family, etc.)


1.  I do not work in a cubicle farm.  

2.  Mental faculties are still fairly quick, though some short-term memory testing is coming up on the “does not compute” side.  That’s okay.  If it was really important it would have left an impression.  Let’s hope the mortgage payment always stays important, otherwise the aforementioned roof will have to be removed from the list.

3.  Ravelry.  That site is a miracle.  If you knit and you’re not there, get there!  I love the groups I belong to, they keep me more informed than the evening news.

4.  Peanut butter.  I prefer chunky because it’s more entertaining, but I will not turn away the smooth.  However, I am now on a search for one that doesn’t belong to an evil corporation.  (Thank you to a certain charming knitting pastor who told me about the “buycott” app so now I don’t support companies that do evil things like paying twelve cents per hour to disadvantaged folks.  But if I can’t find decent peanut butter, we’re going to have to talk about this.)

5. I live in a small town so I’ve got that close-knit feeling, but it’s in the middle of suburbia so I’ve got all kinds of advantages (hello, fast internet!) which is also in between two major metropolitan areas so a little travel puts me at Independence Hall or Broadway.  Of course, our property taxes are downright ridiculous, but everything has a price.  (Yes, I am full of genius quotations like that.  Like “Every dog has his day.”  Or “Make hay while the sun shines.”  I just don’t ever actually say them out loud.)

6.  I seriously love my iPad.  Connect to the world, read books, play games, keep appointments handy, and communicate with others from the palm of my hand.  Gadget whore, that’s me.

7.  Gin and tonic.  What a fabulous summer cocktail.  Little sweet, little tart, little lime, little tingling in my knees when I’ve had a good one.

8.  Color.  Give me some sharpies or colored pencils and some smooth paper and I’ll be as happy as a pig in mud.  (Oooo, look, another genius quotation!  You’re welcome.)  Lots of times I hesitate to sketch something because I’ll be unhappy with what I did and then I’ve just RUINED the paper and when did I ever think I could draw but those colors are just so beautiful….This is kind of how I buy yarn, too.  Which explains my yarn stash.

9.  Any illness I’ve ever had has been attended to and cleared up with no side effects.  (Well, unless you count two caesareans and their resultant issues and why I’ll never ever be seen in a bathing suit again.  No, really, girls, I love you very much and you were worth it.  Just remember what I gave up for you and get mommy a gin and tonic.)  People who are in chronic pain must be Hercules because if I were in their shoes I think I’d be a sobbing mess who needed commitment papers stat, and I know I’m a big baby afraid of pain because I’m even afraid to vomit.  

10.  A place to babble nonsense and have people tell me they like it or agree with it or decide to start following me (and not in a creepy way) and I’m very grateful for readers and commenters.  It pushes me to someday be that writer I think I’ll be.  Or I’ll just keep writing here, either way is okay with me.  Thanks.



…and you guys are never crabby!



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2 responses to “Grateful

  1. Actually, I’m pretty much always crabby. IT’S LIKE YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW ME. GOD!

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