My Brain Worked!

I’m knitting a sweater. Actually, it’s more like a shirt. I’ve made this pattern before and I love it, and I found some beautiful bamboo yarn which is perfect for summer and I am absolutely ZIPPING along on this project.

Except I found a rather large boo-boo.

I believe most knitters, when they find a rather large boo-boo, freeze and frantically think. Will anyone notice it? Of course they will, dopey, didn’t you just describe it as a rather large boo-boo? Rather large things tend to get noticed. Do I really need to fix it, or can I fudge it? By all means, fudge it. Nobody who looks at it will be able to tell anything. Except, of course, anybody who knits which if I recall constitutes a good number of your friends. What if I keep the mistake part to the back? Then people will talk about your mistake behind your back and are you willing to put up with that? What if I screw it up even more? Just be careful. You can do this. It only requires good lighting, your reading glasses, a crochet hook, and your tongue firmly planted between your teeth.

I’m pleased to say I actually fixed it, and I have proceeded past the point and you can’t tell where the fix happened. While I was doing it I was wondering if I should take pictures and write up some sort of tutorial for ravelry but then I thought that was the height of hubris thinking that somebody didn’t already know what it was I was doing and how stupid I would feel if I got that answer from the Geico commercial where a condescending voice says “everybody knows that” and I don’t have a snappy comeback like “farmers are terrible spellers.” So I did it and celebrated quietly.

I’m also knitting a blanket for my niece (which I’m fairly certain I’ve spoken about, but I am not inclined to scan past posts to be sure because I have ALL the lazy) but it is made of wool and it’s in the upper 80’s here this week (Lion King hair alert!) and that means my lap sweats and ain’t nobody got time for that. (Look how cool I am using a meme quote said nobody ever. Ha! Two for one!)

I just may knit this shirt again in all the colors, because I really love it. When it’s all done I will take a picture (which is sure to be blurry and not focused) and that will be that. In the meantime, I have a Barnes and Noble gift card burning a hole in my pocket, so I’m off to wander in the air-conditioned book store.


And someone who has opposable thumbs.

And someone who has opposable thumbs.



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  1. I look forward to seeing your shirt! When I make a mistake I normally fix it. I know myself well enough to know that I wouldn’t wear it if I knew there was a mistake.

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