It’s All About the Random

1. Time is weird. When I was working I would dream about how I would use days off and how productive I’d be. Now that I have nothing but days off, I’m astonished at how little I’ve accomplished. I feel guilty about this, but not guilty enough to spur myself into a new regime. Which makes my brain lazier than my body, which I didn’t think was possible. Go, me.

2. I thought 2084 was a time suck. Now I found Chain3D and my life is over.

3. Sciatica or osteoporosis? Either way, it’s not fun.

4. I have been making meatloaf for over 30 years. Monday’s meatloaf was brand-new and a triumph. Old dogs and tricks, I guess.

5. It’s raining, and I want to watch lots of movies and do lots of knitting. Instead, I’m on the computer. I can’t stop reading and playing and playing and reading. I should be disgusted with my lack of willpower, but instead I’m writing so I can justify being on the computer.

6. Oddly enough, nobody seems disappointed in my lack of productivity except me. What does THAT say about me?

7. Could you find a more boring post than this?

8. I’m almost at the point where I want to stop following the news. It’s so disheartening to think that girls can be kidnapped and sold into slavery/marriage/nightmares simply because they wanted to educate themselves; that we accept the crookedness of politicians with a “well, what can you do?” sort of attitude and keep electing the same ninnies; that schools and malls and other public places continue to be targets for mentally broken people and the dialogue focuses on gun control instead of mental health development; that murder committed by younger people is on the rise and we as a society can’t figure out how to stop the vicious cycle of broken homes, broken schools, and broken hopes; and that religions that purport the love of a Supreme Being justify blatant cruelty in the same name.

9. I love chocolate-covered marshmallows.

10. I’m nothing if not weird.



Weird but also cool.


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