I’m Having a Moment

It rained last night.  I know this not because I saw or heard it, but because of the sight I saw this morning.  It must have rained pretty hard, because even though the sun is out in full force and it’s 10:30 a.m., there’s still a good-sized puddle on the back deck.  That’s not how I know it rained, though.

I was opening the window to get some of that sweet April breeze through the house and I saw diamonds scattered all over my back yard.  Truly.  Droplets of water still hanging on, even in full sun, reluctant to evaporate yet reflecting the sun in a thousand prisms and stars all over the grass.  Like the fairies were throwing their own Easter egg hunt but their eggs were sparkly and glittery.  (Note to self: hide diamond-encrusted eggs next year.)  It was one of those sights that makes you catch your breath and try to take it all in at once, eyes darting here and there to make sure you see it all and don’t miss anything, yet quickly before it all goes away.  It was One Of Those Moments.

I love those Moments.  It’s like you’re brought to a different place where something is vastly different and you can’t explain it but you are transfixed and filled with joy.  Sometimes it’s with a sunset.  We’ve all seen sunsets and I really can’t say there’s such a thing as a boring sunset, but there are times when it’s so spectacular that there are no words to describe it and you don’t even make appreciative sounds; you just take it in and feel humbled to be in the presence of something so utterly beyond beautiful and then you have a Moment.  I guess many times it takes place in Nature which can be so perfect yet random, but I’ve also experienced Moments with literature, music, art, food, aromas, and even certain textures.  

The wonderful thing is you can’t look for a Moment, it just happens.  




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