Poetry Month? I’ll Play!

There’s a groundhog named Fred

Who lives by our shed

And he’s roly and poly and round

As he noses around

With his feet on the ground

He looks gray with a fair bit of brown


There’s some mighty big holes

In our yard, not from moles,

And the answer has filled me with dread

As we dig our way down

My smile turns to a frown

‘Cause the culprit just has to be Fred



Good thing that he’s cute

Or else he’d get the boot

Which wouldn’t be friendly at all

But it’s my freakin’ yard

And we’ve worked it so hard

Mr. Fred better learn to play ball








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2 responses to “Poetry Month? I’ll Play!

  1. lisa

    Hah. Good luck with Fred and your garden. Just sayin’ pal. 😉

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