It’s a Love/Hate Thing

Ten Things I Love:

1.  Fritos Scoops.  They are LARGE and crunchy and corny and they’re way better than their skinny counterparts.

2.  Yarn.  Well, duh.

3.  Hidden object computer games.  It’s amazing how much time I can spend scowling at my screen.

4.  Southern Comfort and seltzer on the rocks.

5.  Looking at houses: interiors, exteriors, landscaping, floor plans, furnishings, closets, basements, I love it all.

6.  Driving.

7.  Tea at night with a shot of Bailey’s in it.

8.  Baby anything.  Except spiders.  Those suckers are gross.

9.  Gilmore Girls.  Yes, I have the boxed set, so what?

10.  Ravelry.


Ten Things I Really Don’t Love:

1.  NJ Politics.  With every fiber of my being, I really don’t love this.

2.  Spiders.  Yeah.

3.  Getting my fingernails dirty.  

4.  Arrogance.

5.  Stupid drivers.

6.  Getting a Christmas card from someone I didn’t remember.

7.  Basketball.  Get off of all my channels.

8.  The color orange.  Yes, that’s what color a basketball is.  Hardly a coincidence.

9.  Disorganized clutter.

10.  Fritos scoops not being in my house.






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2 responses to “It’s a Love/Hate Thing

  1. Karen Murad

    ….sorry I finished the frito scoops.

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