Happy Boiled Dinner Day

It’s that time when we throw a hunk of meat in a pot of boiling water, add carrots and potatoes and a “spice packet” and later on some cabbage, and pronounce it delicious.  We had our dinner last night because Somebody made other plans for this evening and I’m actually okay with this because it means leftover boiled dinner sandwiches tonight.

It was a festive week here at Tea and Sarcasm with both daughters on Spring Break, and much hilarity ensued.  It culminated in everyone dressing up and attending a Charity Ball.  We sound like rich people for saying that and it makes us giggle when we do, but the real reason we attend is to hear the amazing band.  It’s based in New Jersey (which means nobody else has heard of it, but that’s okay with me) and they’re known as the Infernos.  A wild night was had by all, and we all had appropriately sore tootsies the next day from all that dancing.  

I myself am fighting a cold (spoiler alert: the cold’s winning) that I picked up from the two little munchkins next door that I babysat earlier in the week.  They are adorable so it’s easy to forgive them when they cough and sneeze in my face, or rub their runny noses on the front of my sweater.  You’d think after fourteen years of teaching I would be immune to almost anything by now, but I guess munchkin germs are super germs and they have staying power.  It’s been a week and the cold is just about to move into my chest.  Yay, sexy phlegm!

Between missing planes and civil unrest in the Ukraine, we’ve been having interesting political discussions, too.  Both my daughters are history majors and they know way more than I ever will, so it’s fun to listen and learn.  (Hear that, girls?  I admitted I learned from you.  Now stop pestering me.)  Plus we are watching “Cosmos” and Older Daughter is explaining the tougher points to me when I get that glazed over, help-me-its-science look.  That and the Cosmos twitter feed makes me feel less stupid.  I have other mad skills that are not in the science and history realm, so I look forward to showing off someday.

Apparently one of the lottery prizes is up to 400 million this week, and the inevitable conversation of “what would you do with…?” came up.  I was a dud at the game, because I answered truthfully and said I would save it because I pretty much have everything I’ve ever wanted, and the only thing it would bring me is relief that I’d be able to pay any medical bill that came my way as I got older.  I think I was being silently judged.  Judge away, folks, I’m a contented creature.

Hmmm.  Not too much sarcasm here.  Must be the cold.


*cough* *cough*



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