But it’s on SALE.

Overheard at the supermarket while waiting on line:

Sassy Lady: Mom, you wanna get those cookies on sale?

Mom: No, I don’t think I like them.

Sassy Lady: But they’re on SALE.

Mom: Alright, let me see them.

*Mom examines the box carefully.  She puts them on the conveyor belt.*

Sassy Lady: Mom.  You should totally get that bread, too.  It’s on sale.

Mom: **

Sassy Lady:  MOM.  Did you hear me?

*Mom is searching in her cavernous purse.  I shift my weight to the other foot.*

Sassy Lady: What are you looking for?

Mom: I think I have a coupon for that bread.  Will they take a coupon even if it’s on sale?

Sassy Lady: What the — haven’t you ever been shopping before?  Of course they do.

Mom: I found it!

*Mom moves items up to cashier, then hands her the cookies and the bread.*

Mom: Here, I changed my mind, I don’t want these.


It says something that I was fascinated by this particular conversation.  I don’t want to think about what it says, but boy does it say something. 





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