French Toast, I am Sick of You

We’re getting another storm tomorrow.  I have milk, bread, and eggs, and out of spite I don’t think I’m going to touch any of them.  Except, of course, I have to have milk in my tea.  I have standards.

I think the snow might be giving me strength, like I’ve visited my Fortress of Solitude and emerged stronger.  (You can call shenanigans now because I know very little about Superman and I get it confused with Sherlock’s Mind Palace.  Whatevs.)  We had intense snow shoveling where I was strong, like moose.  (Read that in a stereotypical Russian accent.  Not like Sochi/Putin grim Russian accent, but more like Boris/Natasha cool Russian accent.)  The snow was heavy and slushy and icy, and we dug for three days and I helped the neighbor shovel hers, too.  (Okay, Older Daughter totally was shoveling with me, and Hubby was there one of the days, but since I used to be the one in the house getting the towels and the hot chocolate ready, this is a big improvement for me!)  

Since then, I’ve been Superwoman.  Getting the laundry done and the dishwasher emptied and grocery shopping done all before 11:45 in the morning?  Unheard of!  Yet I did it.  Today?  Laundry, meatballs and sauce simmering on the stove, and dinner delivered to a neighbor recuperating from surgery.  Yep.  Even met friends for dinner and….. wait for it…. I WALKED.  


I should not be bragging, it’s so not nice.  I’m sure I’m making somebody very depressed right now with comparisons, so I’ll tip the scales the other way.

In the grocery shopping adventure, I didn’t put any of the groceries away, I didn’t schlep the freezer items downstairs, I didn’t pack things neatly in the pantry, and I didn’t fold up the canvas bags.  I did, however, manage to eat 2/3 of a bag of Popcorners and watch back-to-back episodes of Friends.  I’m not proud.  

Tomorrow, to combat this weird bout of productivity, I plan on watching the snow, watching the Netflix, and watching my knitting grow.  That should make you feel superior to me, a service I’m happy to provide.



And now you do!


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