In Pursuit of Nothing

Everybody make it through to the other side?  Good.  I’d hate to think anyone is still stuck in 2013, that was SO last week.  (See what I did there?  Of course you saw.  You’re not idiots, you’re rather intelligent and I’m hoping highly good-mannered so you’ll overlook that pitiful attempt at humor.)

There was much merriment here, with ALL the cookies and the gifting traditions, and many people crossing our threshold and there might have been a wee accident with a brand new chef’s knife received as a gift which now I wonder about plots and paid-up insurance policies.  But onward we move.

I don’t do “looking back” stuff as it’s never been in my nature to do so, but I enjoy reading Year In Review lists (even better if I have popcorn) mostly because I wonder where in the world I was when those things happened.  It’s playing “Dead or Alive” with an entire year of moments as I open my eyes wide and sputter intelligent comments such as “Where was I when this happened?”  Where, indeed.  Nose buried in a book (or, more accurately, my iPad playing a game) or refusing to turn on the tv or hit a news blog just because I wanted to be unfettered.  I was fettered for a long time and now I’m not.

One thing I will review, and that is just how darn lucky I am.  My husband is a true stalwart, and when it came to losing half our income or compromising my emotional health, he could have been thinking “oh grow up and get over it, it’s just a job and we need the money.”  No, he was saying “we’ve been on one salary before and gotten through and we will again, and your emotional health and state of mind are much more important so stop worrying about it.”  That’s a real hero, one who faces his fears (one more kid with one more semester of college, timing sucks) and plunges in anyway and does so cheerfully.  I am never going to forget how lucky I am.

I don’t do sweeping resolutions, either.  I’ve long since stopped saying “I’m going to eat healthier and exercise more” because one of the privileges of getting older is being truthful with yourself, and while I don’t eat greasy fast food or chemically-forged frozen dinners I know darn well I am a homebody and all my favorite pursuits involve sitting: reading, knitting, writing, movie-watching.  I live in a house with stairs, so having the laundry in the basement and the bedrooms on the second floor helps the blood not pool around my ankles.  I don’t plan on a reading list or a must-cook list or anything that involves a finish line, really, unless it’s a knitting project.  I just AM.  I’m in a state of BE.  I’m rolling with the flow, going with the punches.


I think I just admitted I’m content and happy.  How did that happen?



Totes McGoats


You rock, you rule, too.  Remember that.  Thanks for reading.


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