Let the Fun Begun!

Well, it’s all coming together and even if it isn’t, it’ll still be good.

It’s December 23rd, and I still want to bake more things, decorate more things, sing more carols, and plan more things, and by golly, I’m gonna do exactly that.  We are entertaining this week, so there’s the additional fuss of cleaning the cobwebs out of the corners and displacing the friendly spiders who live there, and shutting away the things that tend to collect on coffee tables and such.  (Come January 1, I’m sure they’ll all find their way back.)  (Including the spiders.)  One thing I’m not doing more of is knitting.  One planned project was an abject failure and it will take me most of January to fix it, which I’ve accepted and moved on, but without knitting I’m feeling a bit twitchy.

I need to shop for Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas Day dinner, cocktail party food and beverages, and family gathering food.  It’s raining.  Do you see the problem?  I will definitely NOT be in the holiday spirit if I go out in this icky weather, especially since it will turn my newly-shorn hair into an abomination which in itself leads to a prickly mood.  The upside is said rain and yesterday’s 70 degree (WTH?) weather washed away all the snow that had been clinging everywhere and the birdfeeder is filled and the critters are happy.

I need to put bows and ribbons and tags on the wrapped gifts.  Well, need… you know how it is.  I like to make it look purty but wow that’s fiddly stuff.  I was upstairs wrapping all the things using those handy-dandy peel and stick labels when I ran out.  Instead of going downstairs for more, I employed the genius move of writing the recipient’s name on the tape used to seal the wrapping.  Yeah, that’s me, classy all the way.  So I need to tag those babies up with something more legible.

I need to bake more cookies and breads and make candy.  I love cookies so much, and I don’t often bake them during the year because…you know, butter… but it’s Christmas and all bets are off.  I’ve already made Scotch shortbread, meltaways, gingerbread cutouts, and oatmeal-jam squares, while younger daughter made enough chocolate-chip cookies to feed Instanbul.  (It’s true, I counted.)  I still want to make nut-thins and peanut butter cookies, plus chocolate-coated pretzels.  I mailed out loaves of cranberry-orange bread and now I need to make some for us because I didn’t keep any.  I also need to bring a dessert to a friend’s home and I’m thinking a chocolate cake with peppermint frosting because it sounds good and why not add more to do to my list?  

It sounds hectic, but I really love this stuff.  I nod benignly at all the opposing messages on faceyspaceybook telling me to keep Christ in Christmas or worship Solstice or acknowledge that virgin births are not unique to Bethlehem 2,000 years ago or Happy Holidays is non-offensive or wait it really is offensive and so on…..argue all you want, guys, I’m still getting high from cinnamon and cloves and getting excited for Hubby’s fabulous Yorkshire pudding which is traditional for every Christmas, and I’m following the advice of good ol’ Burl Ives and “saying hello to friends you know and everyone you meet.”


That’s right!

Have a happy whatever, eat something good, and I’ll see you on the flip side.  (How many people even know what that means any longer?)


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  1. I’m a pretty decent cook but not much of a baker. Last year, I made three different kinds of cookies, and I started to hate my life about midway through the first batch, so none of them turned out great being flavored with resentment and all. This year I made only one kind and they turned out great. But then I took some to my neighbor and he got all creeper on me, so now I never want to bake again.

    But as for things I can manage, turkey tonight, roast beast tomorrow. Yay! God bless us, everyone!

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