Ten on Turkey Tuesday

1.  Another list.  Don’t judge.

2.  NaNoWriMo has defeated me.  I have written over 30K words, but I have misplaced the mojo, and I don’t want to blather on just to reach 50K.  I’ll write it, but not now.

3.  Dr. Who 50th – all the squeals and feels.  I don’t pick things apart, I just enjoy the ride.

4.  I had a neighbor do a nice thing for me in response to a nice thing I did for her.  I want to keep this trend going with more people, it feels pretty darn good.

5.  A splash of Mother’s Pumpkin Spice Cream Liqueur is very good in hot tea this time of year.  You’re welcome.

6.  We are breaking tradition this year and serving ham alongside the turkey.

7.  Do I need to draw a hand pig along with my hand turkey now?

8.  I ran into someone I intensely dislike and I was very rude.  Considering this person gave my beloved job to a friend of her family, I felt more than justified and not at all guilty.  What kind of monster am I turning into?

9.  Gift knitting has to stop for the next four days because all recipients will be home.

10. Is it bad to want to serve everyone cereal for dinner so I won’t have to think of a meal?



Or “Your Highness.” Either one.


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