Random on a Saturday

1.  Farmer’s Market this morning was so full of color it almost hurt the eyes.  There’s still pumpkins, but the broccoli, cauliflower, squash, brussels sprouts, and apples are exactly the color palette that sets my pulse moving.  (And believe me, these days, it’s red-letter news to get the pulse pumping.)


2.  NaNoWriMo: Today I felt like a robot.  “Must. Write. Must. Not. Quit. Must. Produce.”


3.  I don’t try to profess too many controversial points here, because it’s just not interesting and it’s not like anything I think could change somebody’s mind.  But you would need a team of buff firefighters and some heavy equipment to get me to leave a warm and cozy house full of awesome food on Thanksgiving night just to stuff some merchandise in a bag.


4.  It astonishes me how certain comments can bring me to tears of happiness and heart-felt appreciation.  (What would be the opposite of heart-felt?  Why did I use that?  Would heart-warming have been better?  Is it telling that I first typed heart-worming?)


5.  I walked to the farmer’s market.  I brought home heavy bags.  That’s my exercise for the weekend.


6.  I brought laundry up and down two flights of stairs twice.  That’s totally my exercise for the weekend.


7.  I had sesame chicken from the local Chinese restaurant.  That totally wipes out any exercise I may have done.


8.  So not sorry,  Our Chinese restaurant is kick-ass.


9.  I am going to make cornbread stuffing from scratch this year.  Usually I use a package of Pepperidge Farm (because they remember) cornbread stuffing, but this year I’m going to make my own, cut it or break it down, dry it out in the oven, then use the regular recipe then add BACONZOMG to it.  


10.  There ain’t enough exercise in the world for that one.



Me, the night of Thanksgiving


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  1. montymoo

    You ARE so cute and fuzzy, and I want to scratch that wee spot under your chin. 0.o

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