Not much, how about you?

Older Daughter looked at me severely last night and said, “You haven’t updated your blog since Tuesday.”

While I was flattered that she looked forward to my posting, she also knew I had been out of town since Wednesday.  Apparently I possess magic powers that I am unaware of and should have done it anyway.  This is the impression I got as she waved her fingers at me dismissively and made a noise that sounded like “pssht.”

Pssht, indeed.  I was busy!

It was a girl’s weekend away that spanned Wednesday night through Saturday evening, and there was no room in my pea-brain to accomplish having fun along with blogging and NaNoWriMo.  I knew my blog would be fine and dandy, it never feels neglected and it’s always cheerfully waiting for me when I log in, even if I don’t have a ton of brilliant thoughts to lay out that day.  (Or ever, as the sarcasm part of my brain chimes in.  Let me just drown that voice with a little tea.)

We normally take a trip to Pennsylvania to shop and eat and gawk and laugh, but this time we decided to visit Delaware.  It has lots of outlet shopping which we consider our finest sport, but I missed the Amish influence of Lancaster County.  You just don’t see great piles of horse dropping at Rehoboth Beach.  But then again, you don’t see the beach in Lancaster County.

I shall attempt to find my camera to see if any worthwhile pictures were taken.


Oh, no, I did find my camera right away.  That’s how long it took me to load up the pathetically few photos I took.


Apparently I only took pictures with my actual camera as we were leaving.  I took a few pictures with my phone and now I’ll have to email them to myself.  *grumble*

You’re fascinated, aren’t you?


Here’s one shot to show you the loveliness that is Delaware at the beach:



complete with environmentally friendly windmill!


Now, in your wee heads, insert some lovely photos of lots of outlet shops, lots of food, lots of giggles, and lots of Christmas presents taken care of.  That’s my weekend.



And so it goes.



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2 responses to “Not much, how about you?

  1. montymoo

    Hey, lady! Get yourself a Dropbox account. You can set it to automatically upload the pix from you phone right to the pluter! Beats the pants off of emailing them to yourself. 0.o

    • Huh. I have dropbox. I don’t know why the photo option didn’t appear to me.

      Clearly, it was burning a hole in my mind because you see how quickly the pics went up. (Not.)

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