Random Tuesday (Election Day Issue)

1.  Tuesdays have become all about running the errands, while Mondays have become more domestic in nature.  I don’t know why it has evolved that way, but there it is.  A routine, if you will.

2.  NaNoWriMo is not only annoying to type out, it’s a great way to feel guilty and inadequate.  So much promise in a little package!

3.  I have issues with Election Day, not the least of which is the sheer amount of robocop phone calls I got all day yesterday while I was being domestic.  Nothing harshes the mellow of a divine apple cake baking like a recorded voice asking me to press one if I’m very excited about this year’s election.

4.  I am officially unemployed.  Still exploring how I feel about that.  

5.  Very thankful I have the option to explore how I feel about that, instead of scrambling to find a replacement job right away.  Thank you, Hubby.

6.  The flip side of that means I’m back to being frugal and perusing ads and clipping coupons.  I get a strange thrill when something goes on sale AND I have a coupon for it.

7.  I also hate Election Day because of the folks who work our polls.  The average age of the worker is 257, and while I’ve been voting in every election in the same place for twenty-four years you’d think I was a stranger who just flew in from some unpronounceable country.  “Who?”  “How do you spell that?”  “What?”  My last name begins with an “M”, and apparently you can’t find “M” in the book unless you start at “A.”  No, you can’t open the book halfway through and go from there, you must start at the very beginning and turn every page one by one.  Then, even though I can clearly see my name on the page and say “There it is, on the bottom,” the worker has to page past my name to make sure it’s really the right name.  No wonder people stay home on Election Day.

8.  I am having lunch with a friend today.  My frugality is still in check, as we are going for half-price sushi.

9.  I don’t really eat sushi.  I get the scaredy-cat California roll and tempura roll.

10. I watched a chipmunk terrorize a mourning dove at the bird feeder this morning.  It was quite amusing, until the sassy-pants squirrel came along and decided to shimmy up the pole to munch at the feeder.  It was even more amusing when I banged on the window and sassy-pants squirrel went flying twenty feet. 

11. Last words on Election Day: the only good thing about Election Day is that it really makes me appreciate the day after, when everybody shuts up and we can get on with all the good things about November.

12.  Time for more tea.  I’ve broken up with Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea because $2.79 for a box of 20 teabags, no matter how delightful they are, is no match for Tetley British Blend, which is $3.29 for a box of 80 teabags.  See #6 above.


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