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Ten on Turkey Tuesday

1.  Another list.  Don’t judge.

2.  NaNoWriMo has defeated me.  I have written over 30K words, but I have misplaced the mojo, and I don’t want to blather on just to reach 50K.  I’ll write it, but not now.

3.  Dr. Who 50th – all the squeals and feels.  I don’t pick things apart, I just enjoy the ride.

4.  I had a neighbor do a nice thing for me in response to a nice thing I did for her.  I want to keep this trend going with more people, it feels pretty darn good.

5.  A splash of Mother’s Pumpkin Spice Cream Liqueur is very good in hot tea this time of year.  You’re welcome.

6.  We are breaking tradition this year and serving ham alongside the turkey.

7.  Do I need to draw a hand pig along with my hand turkey now?

8.  I ran into someone I intensely dislike and I was very rude.  Considering this person gave my beloved job to a friend of her family, I felt more than justified and not at all guilty.  What kind of monster am I turning into?

9.  Gift knitting has to stop for the next four days because all recipients will be home.

10. Is it bad to want to serve everyone cereal for dinner so I won’t have to think of a meal?



Or “Your Highness.” Either one.


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On the Season…

I’m amused by the amount and content of the catalogs I get at this time of year.

For example, a catalog that would like to equip my bedroom, and my bathroom, and apparently other rooms beyond that is showcasing a myriad of products to make my Thanksgiving guests feel right at home.  Don’t we all have that spare bedroom that just cries to be turned into a guest room, complete with scented candles, colorful bed linens, massive amounts of pillows, luxurious curtains, a clever nightstand, and a footbath?  Nothing says welcome like “put your stinky feet into a tub of water and splash about on my new coordinated rug.”  It is to chuckle.

A baking catalog fit for royalty urges me to “make a gift of it” by purchasing their accouterments to make the packaging even better than the treat I’m baking.  I can buy ribbon for $1/foot that will probably fit around three cookies.  I can buy brown paper tags with string for $10 when I can make my own for free out of shopping bags.  Or there’s the red and white baker’s twine that can make my slaved-over treats look just like they came from the local bakery, which kind of defeats the purpose of me doing all this home baking for Yuletide.

I can choose to ship out food to those far away from me from a colony that reminds me of cheese.  Yes, they sell cheese, too.  They boast on the cover of their catalog that there’s over 90 great gifts UNDER $20!  I can get Beef Logs (that sounds dreadfully unappetizing); tiny jars of mustards and preserves that don’t look big enough to fit a spoon or knife into; and (here I quote) (look, here come the quote marks) “delectable Bonbons; delicious Cakes; Petits Fours…”  (wow, do I know how to use quote marks or what?).  Correct me if I’m wrong, please…aren’t bonbons the French word for candy?  Why not just say candy?  And are petit fours simply tiny cakes?  So we’re getting cakes and tiny cakes along with our Logs of Beef?  (Nope, no better that way, either.)  How long have these edible items been sitting in a warehouse, ready to be packed into those segmented boxes?  What hellish preservatives must be used to keep them stable?  I think I’ll pass, thanks.

There’s the enticements from the end of the land and the beans, and while I like a lot of their clothes, they apparently don’t like people who are not spending the majority of their time outdoors on various slopes and hills and valleys, ruggedly skiing or skating or chopping wood, because the plus-sized selection is dismal and we’re a plus-sized family around here.  The only thing that would fit me is their tote bags, and I have several of them that regularly get stolen by my children.  Sorry! I meant borrowed, of course.

I am studiously ignoring the all-in-one catalogs, that promise to deliver in time for the holidays any assortment of “stuff” from ice-picks covered in faux-sheep to chocolate-flavored pretzel treats (and I can’t help thinking that anything labeled as a treat is really meant for the family pet) to canning jars (“Merry Christmas! Now get in the kitchen and preserve me something!) and a flannel nightgown equipped with its own Swiss Army knife.  (Makes me wonder what the Swiss Navy does for knives.)

Well, I’m not having a household full of people for Thanksgiving; it will be very small, everyone has a bedroom with their own linens, nobody is jonesing for a footbath or a beef log, just the normal meal with the usual football games playing in the background and lots of satisfied smiles.

And hopefully, a minimum of news coverage of Black Friday crowds.  Because that would mean indigestion.


This is what I want to see next Thursday.

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Random on a Saturday

1.  Farmer’s Market this morning was so full of color it almost hurt the eyes.  There’s still pumpkins, but the broccoli, cauliflower, squash, brussels sprouts, and apples are exactly the color palette that sets my pulse moving.  (And believe me, these days, it’s red-letter news to get the pulse pumping.)


2.  NaNoWriMo: Today I felt like a robot.  “Must. Write. Must. Not. Quit. Must. Produce.”


3.  I don’t try to profess too many controversial points here, because it’s just not interesting and it’s not like anything I think could change somebody’s mind.  But you would need a team of buff firefighters and some heavy equipment to get me to leave a warm and cozy house full of awesome food on Thanksgiving night just to stuff some merchandise in a bag.


4.  It astonishes me how certain comments can bring me to tears of happiness and heart-felt appreciation.  (What would be the opposite of heart-felt?  Why did I use that?  Would heart-warming have been better?  Is it telling that I first typed heart-worming?)


5.  I walked to the farmer’s market.  I brought home heavy bags.  That’s my exercise for the weekend.


6.  I brought laundry up and down two flights of stairs twice.  That’s totally my exercise for the weekend.


7.  I had sesame chicken from the local Chinese restaurant.  That totally wipes out any exercise I may have done.


8.  So not sorry,  Our Chinese restaurant is kick-ass.


9.  I am going to make cornbread stuffing from scratch this year.  Usually I use a package of Pepperidge Farm (because they remember) cornbread stuffing, but this year I’m going to make my own, cut it or break it down, dry it out in the oven, then use the regular recipe then add BACONZOMG to it.  


10.  There ain’t enough exercise in the world for that one.



Me, the night of Thanksgiving

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Not much, how about you?

Older Daughter looked at me severely last night and said, “You haven’t updated your blog since Tuesday.”

While I was flattered that she looked forward to my posting, she also knew I had been out of town since Wednesday.  Apparently I possess magic powers that I am unaware of and should have done it anyway.  This is the impression I got as she waved her fingers at me dismissively and made a noise that sounded like “pssht.”

Pssht, indeed.  I was busy!

It was a girl’s weekend away that spanned Wednesday night through Saturday evening, and there was no room in my pea-brain to accomplish having fun along with blogging and NaNoWriMo.  I knew my blog would be fine and dandy, it never feels neglected and it’s always cheerfully waiting for me when I log in, even if I don’t have a ton of brilliant thoughts to lay out that day.  (Or ever, as the sarcasm part of my brain chimes in.  Let me just drown that voice with a little tea.)

We normally take a trip to Pennsylvania to shop and eat and gawk and laugh, but this time we decided to visit Delaware.  It has lots of outlet shopping which we consider our finest sport, but I missed the Amish influence of Lancaster County.  You just don’t see great piles of horse dropping at Rehoboth Beach.  But then again, you don’t see the beach in Lancaster County.

I shall attempt to find my camera to see if any worthwhile pictures were taken.


Oh, no, I did find my camera right away.  That’s how long it took me to load up the pathetically few photos I took.


Apparently I only took pictures with my actual camera as we were leaving.  I took a few pictures with my phone and now I’ll have to email them to myself.  *grumble*

You’re fascinated, aren’t you?


Here’s one shot to show you the loveliness that is Delaware at the beach:



complete with environmentally friendly windmill!


Now, in your wee heads, insert some lovely photos of lots of outlet shops, lots of food, lots of giggles, and lots of Christmas presents taken care of.  That’s my weekend.



And so it goes.


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Random Tuesday (Election Day Issue)

1.  Tuesdays have become all about running the errands, while Mondays have become more domestic in nature.  I don’t know why it has evolved that way, but there it is.  A routine, if you will.

2.  NaNoWriMo is not only annoying to type out, it’s a great way to feel guilty and inadequate.  So much promise in a little package!

3.  I have issues with Election Day, not the least of which is the sheer amount of robocop phone calls I got all day yesterday while I was being domestic.  Nothing harshes the mellow of a divine apple cake baking like a recorded voice asking me to press one if I’m very excited about this year’s election.

4.  I am officially unemployed.  Still exploring how I feel about that.  

5.  Very thankful I have the option to explore how I feel about that, instead of scrambling to find a replacement job right away.  Thank you, Hubby.

6.  The flip side of that means I’m back to being frugal and perusing ads and clipping coupons.  I get a strange thrill when something goes on sale AND I have a coupon for it.

7.  I also hate Election Day because of the folks who work our polls.  The average age of the worker is 257, and while I’ve been voting in every election in the same place for twenty-four years you’d think I was a stranger who just flew in from some unpronounceable country.  “Who?”  “How do you spell that?”  “What?”  My last name begins with an “M”, and apparently you can’t find “M” in the book unless you start at “A.”  No, you can’t open the book halfway through and go from there, you must start at the very beginning and turn every page one by one.  Then, even though I can clearly see my name on the page and say “There it is, on the bottom,” the worker has to page past my name to make sure it’s really the right name.  No wonder people stay home on Election Day.

8.  I am having lunch with a friend today.  My frugality is still in check, as we are going for half-price sushi.

9.  I don’t really eat sushi.  I get the scaredy-cat California roll and tempura roll.

10. I watched a chipmunk terrorize a mourning dove at the bird feeder this morning.  It was quite amusing, until the sassy-pants squirrel came along and decided to shimmy up the pole to munch at the feeder.  It was even more amusing when I banged on the window and sassy-pants squirrel went flying twenty feet. 

11. Last words on Election Day: the only good thing about Election Day is that it really makes me appreciate the day after, when everybody shuts up and we can get on with all the good things about November.

12.  Time for more tea.  I’ve broken up with Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea because $2.79 for a box of 20 teabags, no matter how delightful they are, is no match for Tetley British Blend, which is $3.29 for a box of 80 teabags.  See #6 above.

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