Weekend Whee!

This is the time of year, friends, when all is right with the world.  The temperatures have dropped into the “crisp” zone, handknits are beginning to adorn the scene in the form of socks, shawls, and fingerless mitts, apples and pumpkins are the culinary buzzwords, and my people travel to Mecca, otherwise known as Rhinebeck, for the New York Sheep and Wool Festival.  I learned that if I leave between 5:30 and 6:00 a.m. (otherwise known as holy crap it’s dark and early and I need a giant cuppa) that you get a primo parking spot AND you’re only about 15th on line.  Lesson learned.

It was an impromptu trip, meaning I was dilly-dallying about whether or not to drive up by myself (Older Daughter forgot she’d be in Ireland and unable to go with me – the nerve) and I casually mentioned this to a good friend.  Her eyes widened and a giggle escaped and in two minutes we decided to do it; the bonus is that she shares the same name as Older Daughter and so karma completed its own circle very nicely.

Waiting on line was the first best part, because you scope out all the handknits in the wild:


Knit skirt – love it and am jealous for the body shape that can wear it.


Sheep ears? Deer Antler? Still cute!


Dainty shawl with nupps and beads and all the pretty and pink hair, too!


The woman next to me in line had a stunning shawl made from all the perfect colors of the October day, plus some sparkle. ❤


Quickly, the line behind us filled up. I understand the attendance on Saturday was 47,000 people. Sheep not included.


Honest knitters waiting in line to pay for their loot. The booth in question, Miss Babs, was halfway into the hall. I love knitters.


This is who I was waiting in line for, the lovely and talented Clara Parkes. Got me a signed book, too. My favorite moment of the weekend!

Now, I do not profess to know anything about sheep: don’t know my Jacobs from my BFLs, don’t know a short staple from a lock (that’s why I read Clara, she does it all for you!), but I do know cute when I see it:

DSCF1516 DSCF1518

DSCF1519 DSCF1520

DSCF1521 DSCF1522

DSCF1523 DSCF1525

DSCF1526 DSCF1527

DSCF1529 DSCF1530




And Younger Daughter who loves corgis and loves to knit, would have appreciated this:


A cabled corgi!

I exercised so much restraint, because while I have a very generous and enabling Hubby I am aware that my spendy habits on the yarn purchasing should not go for a free-dive, and so I purchased only one skein of yarn.  It is the lovely Sea Pearl from the good folks at Briar Rose Fibers and it’s impossible to do the colors justice:


My precioussssss……

And I am so grateful that I had the wonderful Saturday that I did, and that I had a friend to share it with me, and that Life often knows just when to slap me upside the head and say “Look at all the beauty I have for you, now get out and embrace it.”





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3 responses to “Weekend Whee!

  1. Maggie


    (also…did all of those people KNOW you were taking pictures of them?)

  2. Such a lovely sparkly sha…. oh. :::blush::: Such a fun day!

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