Get Real

Alright, I don’t like to foist my political views on anyone; in fact, I usually make deliberate decisions to stay away from such conversations because it will never end well.  I don’t tell anyone my political affiliations, my take on things, my view of the world, my solutions to current-day problems, etc.  Nobody needs to know that, ain’t nobody got time for that.  And you can bet that a blog called “Tea and Sarcasm” would be PRIME for the shenanigans that go on unabated in the United States Government.  But I don’t normally want to opine on that stuff.  Fish in a barrel, and all that.




Yeah, this is the one.


I can forgive many human foibles, being a human myself, but the one that just hangs me out to dry every time is arrogance.  And the arrogance of the members of the United States Congress leaves me disgusted and fed up.  Never mind everyone who shouts that our educational system is broken, let’s fix what’s really wrong: the attitudes of a group of dysfunctional, self-righteous, self-important people who are deluding themselves into thinking that what they do and say really makes a difference.  A group of people who are myopic and deaf when it relates to serving the people they are elected to serve, not pandering to the few who bought their elections for them like an indulged and spoiled child at a birthday party.  A stuffy group who stays secluded in well-furnished offices without the reverence for the place in which they serve, wearing expensive clothes and trying to impress and outrank each other with power and status.  A group who cannot and will not pay attention to the voices of the citizens because they tell themselves and us that they know what’s best for everyone and that’s what they’re going to do.  


So relax, Americans.  Your representatives in Congress have decided that you don’t get paid for doing the work you do, and they will continue to get paid for not doing the work they’re supposed to do.  That makes sense.




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  1. ::hands you my “you may speak for me” card:::

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