Argle Bargle

Sitting down to write my Monday blog post, I first wanted to import pictures from my camera to my laptop.  This is a fairly straightforward task, involving running the cord from the camera into the USB port, turning on the camera, and waiting for the two pieces of “smart” machinery to speak to each other.  Oy.

My laptop is a 2007 Apple MacBook, running version 10.6.8 which is Snow Leopard.  I can’t upgrade any further so I’m stuck with all the incarnations of software.  Now, I absolutely love iPhoto, and am willing to pay the $14.99 for the upgrade to iLife11.  I AM NOT ALLOWED.  I’M BANISHED FROM THE KINGDOM.  MY LAPTOP ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH TO PLAY WITH THE BIG KIDS.

Normally this wouldn’t bother me, as I don’t rush out to get the latest and the greatest.  (I got my iPhone 4 for free in an upgrade.  Before that, my phone resembled the phasers in Star Trek.  The TV show, not the movie.)  But in order to crop and edit my photos in iPhoto (which, remember, I absolutely love) I have to endure many cycles of the mini-rotating-beach-ball-of-doom.  During and after each picture.  For five minutes at a time.  For each command.  Crop?  I like the size, I hit “apply” and then I wait.  (Thank goodness I have a magazine nearby.)  Up the sharpness a bit?  Scroll along the bar…..ooops, the system can’t handle that tricky maneuver so it’s giving me a time out.  I pull out my knitting and have completed two socks and a scarf by the time it’s done.  Maybe cut down the overexposure a wee bit?  Leave home and do a month’s worth of grocery shopping, put it all away, and it’s still spinning.  *sigh*  Me?  Exaggerate?  Surely not.

Which is a long way of saying, I hope you enjoy these photos of our apple-picking extravaganza this weekend.  And if you don’t, please don’t tell me.  It just might send me over the edge.


the view just as we pulled up. I want to live in that house way up on top.



They had boy toys! Or, more apt, toys FOR boys.


Golden Delicious, love the color.




An arch of apples. A gateway, if you will, to yumminess.


Smack dab inside the tree to get an artsy shot.


No idea what this is, so we christened it the appleberry.


Very long path to the end to find the Macouns.


All the noms! (And somebody around here desperately needs a nail file.)


In case anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas, this’ll do nicely.

Hmmmm….. did anyone else notice that I started this post explaining the peculiarities of my laptop and then segued so charmingly into apple-picking?  See what I did?  APPLE-picking?  Yikes.  


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