Ten on Tuesday

1. The potato-leek soup was DELICIOUS.

2. The to-do list is still somewhat in the mental planning stages.

3. Seven of the eight drawers in the dresser are emptied and are well on the way to being re-organized with a pared-down wardrobe.

4. Why does anyone need as many camisoles as I have?

5. See previous blog entry re: “stuff.”

6. I received new beads in the mail and can now finish my shawl project.  Thank you, Jimmy Beans Wool, for such speedy delivery.  Had I been wearing any of the 27 pairs of socks I own, you would have blown them off.

7. #6 is why the butternut squash soup didn’t get made.

8. I actually may get to Rhinebeck this year, even in the face of the no-yarn-for-a-year diet I’m on.  Buttons!  That’s what I’ll get!

9. I’m also on the no-magazines-for-a-year diet, and the new Jane Austen Knits just came out.  ::weeps quietly::

10. Oatmeal with butter, sugar-in-the-raw, and pecans is the absolute best thing on a crisp September morning.



Sing it, sister.



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