Slow Motion Whirlwind

Honestly, that’s what the last few weeks have felt like.  It’s such a period of adjustment here at Tea & Sarcasm, but there’s really not a lot of stress involved.  I guess when you go through stuff with the people you love best, there really isn’t a residual feeling of being stressed out.  

Today will be a regrouping day, I think.  After dismantling the huge cherrywood California-king-sized captain’s bed we’ve used for over 25 years, we have the remaining “stuff” to go through.  Anybody who is in a relationship knows what “stuff” means: my treasures and his junk.  I kid, I kid, I think Hubby has some cool “stuff” but why on earth do we have so much of it?  And what in the world makes us think we should ever get more?  (Which has something to do with me swearing off buying yarn and magazines for an entire year.  But it didn’t stop me from buying a new cookbook last night.  Baby steps.)  There were eight drawers and three closets in this captain’s bed, and now we have to figure out how to live with a bed without drawers.  We could put stuff underneath, and we’re going to buy those long plastic bins for off-season storage, but for now we have “stuff” leaking out of every room in the house.  Couple that with Older Daughter’s moving-back “stuff” that still needs to find a home because she’s in the middle of repainting her room and we’re trying to combine two kitchens worth of “stuff” and you can imagine what home is like for us right now.

But today I will make potato-leek soup and butternut squash soup to freeze, and make some pretty strict to-do lists that should whittle down the “stuff” at a reasonable pace and still leave me time to enjoy the fabulous early fall we seem to be having; to do some Christmas stealth knitting (with stash, of course, because of that no-yarn-buying-promise, and I hope my dear friend Lisa who owns a yarn shop forgives me) and plan out upcoming events in a calm and enjoyable way instead of the last-minute frenzy that so often happened in the past; to come to grips with what’s happened, and to realize that when I run into my former students it’s okay to be happy to see them and then cry because I’m human and what happened to me affected me so very deeply that it’s not going to heal overnight; to have the blessed gift of time and the freedom to reflect and apparently the desire to construct very long and awkward run-on sentences.

Tea is ready now, sorry about the lack of sarcasm today.

Okay, I’ll throw in a picture:


How I feel when math is in the room. Science, too.


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