Name the Other Six


Another spectacular iPhone picture with equally spectacular lighting!

How in the world do we wake up in moods?  

Why today am I feeling like my favorite mug up there?  Did my pillow attack me in the night and cause me discomfort?  Did I have a fight with the sheets?  Did my quilt call me names?  Did my husband elbow me in the nose?

I don’t know – I was asleep.

There has to be an explanation.  Mornings that I leap out of bed (nobody leaps out of bed, ever; that there is a descriptive phrase with no basis in reality) I am light-hearted, ready for the day, happy to see what’s in store and happy to tackle my tasks.  Mornings that it takes me twenty minutes just to figure out why I exist are destined to be heavy-hearted, resentful of what’s already happened (I woke up) and not ready to even think about tasks without a gallon very strong tea but that means I have to go downstairs and make it for pete’s sake and dag nab it.

Is it the dreams I have?  I don’t think so.  I’ve had many dreams and I can usually recall them in great detail and they’re usually bizarre.  In fact, when I recount them to my family, they listen with increasingly disturbed looks on their faces and shake their heads when I finish, agreeing “yeah, you have weird dreams.”  Nobody ever offers to interpret them for me, which would put me in a bad mood normally but the fact that I got the dream out of my head kind of helped, so yay me.  But the dream itself doesn’t seem to affect my mood.  Have you ever woken up after a dream where you were flying (not in an airplane, that’s very important) and been really really happy because now you can fly?   I haven’t.  I’ve known, even during the dream, that I was actually watching some sort of movie even though it felt sooooo reeeeal, gosh darn it, and I would lose this miraculous ability once I pried my eyes open.  But opening my eyes and facing reality didn’t put me in a bad mood.  

So what is it?  Today is Friday and tonight I am going out to dinner with my husband.  I should be very happy.  My kitchen is nice and clean because we went crazy on it and it feels good.  The sock that I’m knitting is going well and it looks pretty and I’m enjoying it.  I’m not walking today because of the four (four!) thunderstorms we had yesterday which created sweat soup outside, but I’m good with that.  I’ve got my big mug of tea and I have plans, baby.  (Not baby plans.  Big difference.)


Here’s another “mug” shot to define my mood, just in case it wasn’t clear.


Pretty script and diamonds don’t change the story, sister!

I guess my to-do list today is to un-grump myself before I go out.  Bring on the tea and the knitting, and maybe an audiobook.  Or a movie.  Or both.  

How do you kick out the grumpies?


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