1.  When a group of women get together for drinks and/or food, you know it’s going to be a good night when nobody orders salad.

2.  When an email comes from somebody you are having confrontational issues with, it’s just as bad as seeing them in person.  The whole flip-flop-stomach-plunging feeling resonates just as hard.

3.  A kitchen island emptied of everything except a beautiful bowl of fruit is a lovely thing and makes the rest of the kitchen look like crap.

4.  Sticky, humid, wet mornings are unpleasant.

5.  Sticky, humid, wet afternoons are fine as they invariably lead to decadent movies, tea, and knitting.

6.  Trader Joe’s is awesome.  Especially their Go Raw Trek Mix.

7.  I do not like raw onions in my chicken salad.  Raw onions, especially ones that are diced up to blend in with their surroundings are the evil chameleons of food.  If you are going to put raw onions into chicken salad or any of the other meat salads, please specify on your menu and I won’t order it.  At least with a green salad I have a fighting chance of seeing it ahead of time and annihilating it.

8.  Some people are not to be believed.  But thank heavens I have people who will offer me good karma when I ask for it so I can deal with the aforementioned unbelievable types.

9.  A magazine came in yesterday’s mail.  Could it get any better in terms of timing?  It is now safely protected from the aforementioned steamy humid morning.

10.  Popcorn is magic.


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