In the Moment


I love symmetry….


Now wait a minute here!

Oh, August….

Your cool evenings, your unhurried pace as people finally get this summer thing down right, your fresh produce, your baseball games in local parks, your football teams reporting back, your spontaneous barbecues, your warm-water oceans, your back-to-school sales….


Now wait just a minute here!  (There’s an echo in here.)


Seriously?  There’s a whole stinkin’ month in my part of the world before those yellow buses start their rumbling, and I need to rush for school deals now?  Well, don’t.  Younger Daughter does because she’s the only one still in school, and desperately needs a particular kind of notebook and about a thousand post-it notes.  But still.  When the local store advertises folders for a penny, for heaven’s sake, there’s something in me that says “get them, you’ll need them, and then you’ll be sorry you didn’t pay a penny.”

Pay a penny.  Pay a penny.  Has symmetry!

And binders!  Oooo, I love me some binders.  Especially if they’re not too big and not too small, and don’t have floppy covers.  Why no floppy cover love?  Binders are meant to corral floppy things, and while putting floppy papers with a floppy cover might appear to be symmetry, think about the ramifications: you’d be overflowing with floppy and there is no symmetry to be found there.  It would simply be messy.

Simply be messy.  Simply be messy.  See?  No symmetry.

No, binders need to be strong, sturdy, reliable, and dependable.  And preferably colorful, because symmetry most assuredly does not embrace stodginess and boredom.  We need some periwinkle, some lime green, creamy white, cherry red, butter yellow.  

Anybody getting hungry?

Of course, we need storage for all our special little tools.  This is when I revert to my inner first-grader, and I want a brand-new tool box to hold all my new tools, my sharpened pencils (Dixon Ticonderoga, please – we accept no imitations!) and my never-been-used sharpener, my precious little stapler that will hold no more than two pieces of paper together and really, what first-grader needs to staple, my array of colored pencils ready to label all sorts of things in living color, my beautiful pink eraser shaped like a parallelogram, and one small box of reinforcements.  

New school supplies are the best.  They’re like New Year’s Day, with an empty calendar; so full of promise, so much history to be made, so many possibilities.  Until we’re two-and-a-half months in, then every pencil is chewed, the eraser is full of pencil-holes and is shaped vaguely like a meatloaf, the sharpener is long gone, the stapler broke under the first task of a one page report with a construction paper cover, and the reinforcements are stuck all over the inside of the tool box and have collected gross quantities of lint, pencil shavings, and bits of eraser droppings.  Ew.

I’m not in a hurry to get to the chewed-pencil status, so I shall ignore the lure of the back-to-school ads, the fever to get! these! prices! now!, the countdown clock of September looming, and simply enjoy my nice cuppa and this gorgeous morning.  And I will enjoy it guilt-free, because I walked.  And I started laundry.  And my to-do list is neatly written out.

I love symmetry.

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