A Compilation of Classification (not really)


  • Photos: I scroll through my collection of photos and realize it contains mostly scenery and very few people.  Am I projecting my reluctance to have my picture taken on others, and therefore don’t bother them with “Say cheese!” and instead go for the inanimate objects that can’t protest?
  • Friends: Such a loaded word.  The friend I keep up with on facebook is quite different from the friend I hang out with near home which is entirely different from the friend I have at work and then the friend who gets together only to ask me questions and satisfy her curiosity about my life.  Why do we assign them all the same “friend” word? Should there be different categories implied in their titles? Would it be hurtful? Would it clear things up a lot?
  • Labels: Why can’t food labels be as beautiful as wine bottle labels? Why are label-makers so much fun to use? Why do we rush to label people (my previous point notwithstanding) in order to understand them? I know I would love to mix it up a bit and call someone a bleeding-heart conservative.  
  • Thoughts: why do we fly through news programs? What ever happened to reflective and thoughtful topic exploration? Why do we have so much on-the-surface news reporting that doesn’t leave any time to understand what we’ve just swallowed? Is it because our attention span is rapidly shrinking due to instant, on-demand internet exposure? Is that why I did a bulleted list, so it was easy to comprehend?

These are the days of our lives, my friends.


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