Twenty Five Plus One


We haven’t changed a bit!

So I know that folks who collect stuff like this set themselves up to be mercilessly teased, and that’s okay because I know that there’s really no point to these things except being excellent dust collectors and sappy representations of real life.  But!  When your Hubby goes out of his way to find a 25th anniversary one and places it on the table next to your wedding cake topper, you can’t help but forget that these things are dust collectors.  Your heart just melts and you have a little bit of magic and trembling inside of you because you can’t believe someone can be so darn sweet.


Add to that my analytical, methodical, number-crunching, practical, checkbook-balancing Hubby wrote me a sentimental and heart-felt letter that had me sobbing, and you have a pretty darn special anniversary.  I just love being married to this guy.  


All the well-wishes we received said “And twenty-five more!” and part of me panicked and said “twenty-five is not enough!”  Not that I want to be greedy, but I don’t think we can get every bit out of life we still want to experience together in only twenty-five.


Now I have to burn something sacrificial so I don’t tempt the spirits into taking anything away because I dared ask for more.  And I almost typed “something artificial” instead of “sacrificial” which might have angered the spirits even more.


I think I’m a bit loopy today.  Could be last night’s Cupcake Prosecco which was mighty tasty.  Could be that I just finished reading seven YEARS of The Pioneer Woman and I’m all caught up but I keep looking out the window and wondering why I don’t see horses and basset hounds and instead I see my neighbor’s house and her garden is great and mine is weeds and it’s tough living next door to a Martha Stewart-type when you’re basically not committed to outdoor stuff.


My Hubby is a lucky man, no?  His wife is crazy!


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