Twenty Five


Look at those cute kids!

Twenty-five years ago today, we were married.


Parts of that day are still so vivid in my memory, as if it happened last week.  Parts of it Hubby will mention and I can’t believe we attended the same ceremony.  A couple of years ago we visited the church we were married in and posed on the front lawn; and bang! everything was back the way it had been that day.  Pouring rain for six straight days, humid and sticky, but when we emerged after the ceremony the sun was shining that beautiful golden color that happens in a summer evening and tinges everything with an ethereal glow.  We didn’t care about wet grass or not looking perfect; we just wanted that fabulous light and to capture that relaxed yet ecstatic feeling we were experiencing.


Twenty-five years later, there is still an ethereal glow and an ecstatic feeling.  Oh, not all the time, of course, because we are human and we are different.  I can go with a home that’s not spic-n-span clean but I want organization, and Hubby would rather scrub deep down to the original wood but leaves piles and messes everywhere.  (Maybe he’s afraid he’ll lose his way and this is his paper trail back home.  After all, I have been known to rearrange the furniture while he was in the bathroom.  Keep him on his toes!)  

My point is that even though twenty-five years has changed us in many many ways, and we have had our fair share of loss, misfortune, and anger, we are still ecstatic.  And that is a big deal.  


I love you honey!


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